Monday, October 18, 2010

It's hard for a pimp...but extra hard for these hoes

The title is a line from Common's song "Drivin' me wild" ft. Lily Allen. It's a line I believe in. We give all this credit to pimps and feel bad for hoes because they doing all the work and taking the risk. I feel like I'm getting off subject lol. Anyway, I heard about Kat Stacks beginning of this year I think. Pretty sure it was through then twitter then a site that she had set up.

If you don't know who Kat Stacks is then you need to google her. Here is a bio I found that she wrote:

"Who is Kat Stacks ? “Kat” was a code name given by my Baby’s father at age 15 after I ran away from my home in Miami, FL & went to live in Brooklyn, New York. I was originally born in Caracas, Venezuela given the birth name “Andrea” , I attended Alternative school during my child hood & was always a problem child. I have been in a mental hospital for trying to commit suicide, I have been in jail, I was always a hustlers girlfriend, I have been mentally & physically abused by those who I thought I could love & trust, but after all I’ve been through I am still standing here with my head up stronger than ever"

Here is something else I found

"Kat Stacks is a super groupie who documents her celeb (mostly rap star) encounters on her blog (site NSWF). She writes about the mostly intimate details of her mostly sexual incidents, and also posts stories from other women claiming to have bedded celebs and also posts provocative pictures of herself.

Kat Stacks (
Stacks claimed she slept with Little Wayne after he paid her $1,200, according to She also says she "screwed the whole Young Money click" on a video she posted on MySpace, and has quite a few things to say about the group of rappers

If there is a popping rapper in one of the major cities then she's probably slept with them. Afterwards she'll make a video blog about it an give the rappers cell number out at the end as proof of the dirty deed. Aaron Carter (I know, right lol), Lil Wayne, The whole Young Money (damn yo), Bow Wow (lmfao @ him having a purple egg shaped vibrator *PAUSE*), Jay Rock, X.O. from Black Wall Street, Soulja Boy, T-Pain and the list goes on *based on reports, I wasn't there*. There are more famous people we don't know about because she won't put the celebs who are nice to her on blast.

So on the surface you just see a groupie fucking rappers and putting them on blast. But when you pull back layers. You see some one whose experienced a part of life most of us will never know. I can't front, I used to talk ALOT of shit about her but when you see the interviews and how she describes what she's been through, you can see why she'd be scorned. I see alot of the "Black Girl Lost" similarities (side note: great book). You see the "bottom bitch" tatts, suicide scars, videos (scroll down) of her being hit and chased in public. The fact that she's still able to walk around doing what she does says alot about her character cuz people have died for less. But at the end of the day, this might all just be a character. She's still a mom, has her own place and makes money which alot of her haters can't say they doing. How many of your ratchet's have had your kids taken? How many broke niggas wanna hit that right now to this day? LMAO. We really only see what she shows us and the occasional drunk snap shots some1 post online. Shit, I posted a pic of her in the crenshaw mall lol. I'm not a Kat Stacks supporter or hater. I'm waiting to see how it all plays out.

I always wonder why rappers know all that she's done and yet they still get caught up. I guess cuz for alot of the artist out now, they were too young when Superhead was popping. For some I guess you just want to know why the last nigga did it. It doesn't help that she releasing videos shaking her ass and showing you the pussy "boss" niggas have thrown they face in. To be a rapper these days you have to have a chain, luxury car, big house and have slept with Kat Stacks lmao. Funny how almost true that sentence is. Say what you want about her but she is everywhere. She was mentioned at the BET Hip Hop awards more than rappers. She's in all the hip hop mags, blogs, gossip sites, etc. She host clubs and packs that shit out. For the life of me I don't know why tho lmao. Why pay to come to a club to look at some one have more fun than you?

I don't know what it would take to change that girl around and I'm not saying its my job to try. Especially with what she said about Jim Jones and me being apart of Dipset West, I don't need those problems lol. My job is to make sure my daughters don't grow up to be her. On some level that's what she's doing, preventing girls from growing up to be her. I heard a story of a lil girl, like 12-14 or something like that, who heard Kat's story and end up quitting the game and leaving her pimp. So there is a message there under all the bangs, new tits and ass lol

If you a rapper I mentioned and feel some kind of way about it, holla at me. I'm not taking shit down tho.