Tuesday, August 26, 2008

first name CONTRO, last name VERSY


Peace. Lets get it in

I'm C. Versy...make sure you say the "dot" part. Its a period, not a hypen. That's important also, punctuation niggas lol.

The name came from me being a big shit talking in high school. Nobody liked me, not cuz I was lying but because I made all the foul truths funny. No one could every say what I was saying isn't true, they just didn't want to hear it. I was the unCOOL KID. That's gonna be a mixtape title or song lol

Anyway, I tagged the C "do" name because I never hold my tongue. The truth hurts sometimes....take it or squeeze it. I write about everything so its hard to box me in. I can talk about selling drugs and having parents who were addicts. I can talk about having money and having less than a dollar in my bank account. I can talk about being lonely and trynna juggle so many girls I don't know what to do. I can do it all without sounding like a hypocrite.

A lil background on me: I grew up fast. Was given up as a baby, found out when I was 12. I spent those 12 years thinking I had parents and brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins that aren't mine. I spent those 12 years with parents who were crack addicts. I've been abused in every way and have had less than nothing. I moved every 2 years, lived in hotels, houses, apartments, a one room shack with 7 kids and 3 adults. I've been to 11 schools before I graduated high school. I was always the new kid lol. I didn't play with other kids outside of school, I was always with adults. Not on purpose but mom#3 (explained later) took me everywhere. Every1 believed I had could tell when something was gonna happen, sixth sense or some shit. So when it came time to steal from a store, do some check scams, etc I was always asked how I felt about the store, bank, etc

So I can't relate to my peers. They don't know what its like to steal so your moms ain't gotta ho for drugs. Or having to give up your room every time ur "parents" got some staying for months at a time. Or having guns in your closet where your school clothes should be. Or having to take care of 6 kids before you can sleep or do homework. Or....This can go on all day lol

I say all that to say this, I'm different. I don't think like most people. I'm always alone because I don't like niggas and they mentality. I plan years ahead. I talk different. I dress different. I'm just different. I'm half serious, half delirious. People will tell you I'm both the nicest person they know but a asshole if you on my bad side.

I have attachment issues but who wouldn't if they moved every 2 years. I cut people off with a quickness. But I cut people off for holding me back. I got goals. I own Best Coast Ent, I'm a recording engineer, rapper, dj, all around go getter. And I'm a father. So I have a reason to do everything I do. I'm 22 but move around like russell simmons or some shit

I know music and business like the back of my hand but I don't know regular shit because I didn't grow up regular. Like I don't know shit about cars, I don't know a lot about the smaller gang sets, I didn't know fashion until after I graduated high school, I didn't know how to tie a tie til I was 20

But you can bet your bottom dollar I know guns, crack, week, alcohol, check/credit card scams, how to steal, sex, how to be a father and how to be a man.....bet I know that shit. Some1 once told me "you act like the world owes you something"....my response to that is NIGGUH, you think it don't?

The world owes me rent, back taxes, unpaid loans and grants. It owes me all them birthday and x-mas gifts that got returned, parties and sleepovers I never attended

Life's a bitch and I'm raping it

I'm Contro fucking Versy and I'm gonna show rappers how to be an artist. Every song I do is real and I leave a apart of me with you when I step off stage. You take a part of me with you when my song is done and you take your headphones off. I may not be the best looking but I sho got swag and that bleeds into everything I do. I resonate with people. Average people can't relate to me as a person but they can relate to my music because they know some1 like me or some1 I talked about in a song. They feel like they know me and hopefully after reading this. You all know me better too. Its first name Contro, last name Versy and I'm a problem because I said so. I got 2 more months of struggling before I kick a whole in this rap.


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The quiet guy your momma told you to look out for....