Friday, January 12, 2018

Talking To Myself: Live In The Studio

There is a theory that says if you put 10,000 hours into something, you will master it. It's very much true when it comes to making songs.

When it comes to rap, your 100 songs are going to be about the struggle. Making a hit song the first time you go to the studio is almost unheard of. The times you have heard it, the song was a novelty hit and the artist is more than likely not still around.

Once you get past making songs about just your specific life, you will find yourself making songs that sound like "songs". What I mean is, by then you should know how you like to record, how you like your vocals mixed, what type of beats work BEST for you. Your vocabulary will expand, you will write songs faster, you will come up with original song ideas.  The faster you make songs, the less money you spend on studio time. Money that can be better spent on the promotion of the song you just made and plan to release.

Always ask for a radio edit. If you are your own engineer, always make a radio edit. Do it as soon as you are done with the original version before you forget. Also make a PERFORMANCE version. This version usually is just the beat, hook and adlibs. When you do decide to step out the studio to perform your song, a performance version is always better than just performing over the full song. It's better than just performing over the instrumental because the audience can't always hear you clearly and you always want the audience to hear the hook as clear as possible. It also gives you time to catch your breath on the hook

Artist are no longer stuck in the age of waiting for a label to sign them and release their music. With digital distribution easily available, artist now have the freedom to release music on the same platforms as the artist they look up to. Artist that are on a level they hope to attain. Everyone has a favorite app they use to listen to music. With a click of your computer mouse, you can be on all of them. You can put out a song every day if you wanted to. You can put out music until something resonates. Last song didn't pop? Put out another one. Granted, the BEST thing to do is roll out music with a marketing plan but you get my point.

The average music fan today has a very short attention span. They listen to a album when it drops, decide if it's a classic or not and then moves on to the next project. You have to be ready as a music maker to churn out high quality music as rapid pace until you "thing" resonates with the masses.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mogul In The Making: Entry 7

5:38 a.m. - November 11th. 2014
Laying in bed. I feel restless. Spent a hour or so working on old beats on my macbook and akai mpk49 keyboard and the Ableton program. When I say old, I mean this year last year old. Attempting to build a routine of working on beats so I can get better. I am nowhere near calling myself a producer. Kush in my bong. 

9:30 am
Just got to Starbucks. Took a 2 hour power nap. I had coffee before I left home. I just came here to use their wifi. Any place with a outlet and wifi is a office when you are a entrepreneur. Have to work on all the businesses I'm involved in.

3:30 pm
Just leaving Starbucks. Was updating my website, posting artist ads on Craigslist. Time to head down the street, back to the house so I can take the kids to the park. 

5:24 pm
Leaving the park with the kids. Planned on being here longer but it's cold as fuck today.

November 12th
6 am
Headed to the Los Angeles from Palmdale. I'm in the car but Shenelle is driving. We get up around 4 am, get the kids ready, take them next door to their aunts house. I have to drop 2 kids off at school in L.A.

10:30 am
In Los Angeles, in the Trade Tech area. Just left a dispensary with a smoke lounge. I try to stop in when I'm in LA. It's on my route in and out of LA. I like it because I don't have to smoke on the street, like I usually do and worry about cops pulling up. I'm killing time before a teacher conference in a couple hours.

Sitting on my laptop working with multiple tabs open. My usual. I'm responding to emails and doing research on this weeks sneaker release.

November 13th
4:00 pm
Pregaming before tonight's event with Too $hort in downtown Los Angeles. Rolling up weed, drinking vodka and in my laptop working. Racking up more money through PayPal. 

10:30 pm
Outside of Belasco. It's packed out here. 18 and over night brings all the young dancing kids out. I'm about to head inside. They stop taking promoter tally at 11.

In the club pretty sober. Tried smoking a blunt outside on the patio but security was hating. Wack cuz I've seen plenty of people smoking here. Lately I've been working this club sober. It's a different experience being in the middle of the club STUPID SOBER!

2:30 am
It's crazy outside Belasco right now. Fights popping off. Too $hort tore it down with Extindo Gang. Too $hort brings the ratchets out.

4:00 am
I'm down the street from Belasco. I'm across the street from The Staple Center, where the Lakers play. I'm sitting at Pico Station charging my iPhone and killing time. I'm picking up 2 of my kids around 7 am and have nothing else to do. I didn't drive. Rolling up another blunt.

11 am
Riding around with Randy and Harmony (8 and 4 years old) and the homie Gab (Don Royal) with $2k in my pocket looking for Jordans. I set up a new business for sneakers and 9+ people paid me to pre-order Jordans that just dropped. Having trouble finding certain sizes.

November 15th
12:30 pm
I'm in the ES Audio studio. I'm back to engineering. It's been awhile and I miss it. Working with a gospel choir group that will be on a TV show called "Fix My Choir"

November 29th 
Posted with my son at Denny's getting his free birthday pancakes. Haven't been online in a week. He had a party the day before at Dave and Busters.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New drink "Randy Conner"

I call it my version of the "Arnold Palmer" drink, which is half ice tea and half lemonade. Mine is half orange juice and half Hawaiian Punch lol. DOPE!

Enjoy your day
626 768 0930

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I've been wondering when did we as black people really stop loving each other? What happened to the black family? How did we become such a lonely people? One day I'll have to explain to my daughters the things a man should never do to a woman and they will say to me "why did you do that to mom?" My answer will be because I wasn't taught how to love. Then I thought why wasn't I taught that. Then I realized my father wasn't taught that so how could he teach me? I'm out in the world alot and hear nothing but stories from black women of bad ass relationships they've been in. It made me realize I've been good sex for more women than I've been a good boyfriend for and that's not good. I've been wanting to write this for a long time but didn't know how to start it out. So I figured I state a bunch of examples of things that helped tear the black family apart. Because it's deeper than just "that nigga ain't shit". Everything below is a mix of my own knowledge, life experience and research.

There is no one more lost than the African American. Our origin here left us with no ties to our homeland. We were given a language and religion that wasn't our own. Every other race you think of has a history that ties back to the beginning of time. They have traditions they've passed on for centuries. Family crests and shit that predates their history before the "discovering" of America. The african american history starts with slavery. Alot of us still have that mind state today. I say all that to say this, you can't know where you are going without knowing where you've been.

The 80's and 90's was very gang infested. You had grown men that have never left their hood. Live in los angeles and have never been to the beach. I belong to no sets but I understand that lifestyle. My mom was/is a Crip from watts and I was raised in pasadena, a Blood filled city. Getting to the point, we had generations of blacks men killing other black men. Now add to the fact he left behind a woman and kid(s). It's not as bad as it used to be but the damage to black neighborhoods is already shown.

Before the cocaine and crack epidemic, the black family was way more intact. When you look at drug arrests, the majority of them for both for drug dealers and drug users are African American men. Not saying we use/sell all the drugs, but we definitely get arrested the most for it. You have cities of single parent homes because the majority of men were in jail for drug related reasons. Whether it be drugs themselves or something supporting the habit like stealing. You can get more time in jail for drugs than you can for murder and it's way more black drug related cases than black murder cases.

If you are a woman who gets government assistance for you and your kids, you will get less money if you report having your man/their dad living with you. This caused a lot of men to live outside the home. That really just sounded crazy to me as I typed that but it's definitely came up a lot in my studies and something I've witnessed. "You can't be here cuz if they find out you're here they will kick me off county". So he leaves his woman and kids and makes a life with the next woman he can live with. Poor blacks aren't living for love. They are living for a place to stay.

Black daughters growing up in single mom homes in America will tend to hear things like "Niggas ain't shit", "You don't need no man", "I did it without him" from their mom. Not every home but definitely in alot of them. As a result of that we had a generation of women who put love on hold for their career. Because to them being a strong black women meant being independent and being independent meant being alone. "I can't be tied down right now and have kids. What about my career?". So when there was a generation of broke single moms, their daughters grew up to have better jobs but be just as alone as their mom had always been. It seemed like black women in the 90's picked careers that had them school til they were 30. Then working another 5 years to get to a point where you felt ready to have a baby. But by then "all the good black men are taken" as the saying goes.

The media portrays whites as in control, all asians as smart and blacks as sex crazed. Most romance movies star white actors and titled names like "Pretty Woman". Black romance movies star people who look good and are titled names "Why Did I Get Married?". The advertisements/movies/music/music videos for blacks involve a sexy woman, a expensive car and diamonds. On the white shows, the couple is either married or in relationships that go on for several seasons. On black shows its a revolving door of sexy dates. Each week is a new sexy guest star boyfriend/girlfriend. #Message. Our music right now is very "we met tonight at the club but we fucking tonight!" driven. Just sooooo ratchet. There were more black families and black love when New Edition and Boyz II Men were popping.

The stress of trying to avoid all of the above examples and "play ball" with corporate america is enough to kill you from the inside out. There are alot of men who take all that stress from the outside world and take it out on their woman at home.

Women outnumber  men by great numbers. In some areas it's 12 women to every one man. This has given even the most pathetic man the right to be choosey. Guys that should be happy to get a date are dogging women out. Making it hard for the next man.

All these conditions tear the black family apart. I could've talked about more like black veterans coming home from war all fucked up, std's and other stuff but this is what I feel did the most harm. Other races experience this but when you have no foundation, like African American's, it's a lot worse. After slavery ended and all black people had was each other, each day after that got better for black people. The black family. The respect for our neighborhood. But then it hit a wall and hav suffered every since.

Look at it like this:
-your uncle is a crack addict
-your cousins gang bang
--both bloods and crips
--they fight at every family function
-Your teen sister is pregnant
-Your dad is in jail with some years
-Your mom works 2 jobs to support the family
--she was too busy for those "talks about life"
-Your older brother is a drug dealer

When is there time to think about love and starting a family? How do you even build something you have no experience with? It can definitely be done but it takes work.

I would really like to hear back from anyone on this. Hit the comment section or my twitter @CdotVERSY

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mogul In The Making: Entry 6

January 27th, 2012
6:00 am
Just got off work. Headed to the 24 Hour Fitness in downtown LA.

6:30 am
At the gym ready to get it in. Trynna pack some muscle on. Don't want to be a skinny CEO niggas think they can push around lol. HELL NAW!

9:43 am
Just walked out the gym. Vicious work out. I shaved too. Got a lot of new faces to meet today.

11:00 am
On the gold line headed to pasadena. Had to stop in highland park to grab my certificate from the Musicians Institute for a interview.

12:00 pm
At my old high school to set up the "My Father's Son" scholarship.

2:00 pm
Walking out of a interview for a part time job. Takes money to make money.

6:00 pm
Daddy duty with Jade in pasadena.

8:30 pm
Headed to work

10:00 pm
At work, working on the ABZ movie.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


The moment we've all been waiting for!...Or atleast I have lol. BEST COAST ENT & DIPSET WEST PRESENTS: C. VERSY "MY FATHER'S SON". Hosted by Dipset West CEO, Iceman. This is my very first release as an artist. "My Father's Son" captures how I felt last year after first my sister dying and then a few months later my dad dying. This isn't me at my most lyrical but it's me at my most honest. 10 songs of all original music, no mainstream beats. Production provided by Nominz, Scott Styles, Super On The Beat, Frontier and Dviousmindz. Thank you for taking you're time out to listen. This is only the beginning.

click the cover to download. Music video below.



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mini-Mogul Multi-tasking

Sitting here on the lap top.
Signed into Gmail (, twitter (@cdotversy), facebook (BestCoastEnt), oovoo (cdotversy), skype (streetexec), Aim (StreetExec)
Screen is split with 2 Firefox windows. & videos play on one side
-all my social networking, researching, emailing, etc on the other side
Got 2 screen plays pulled up on Microsoft World
Thinking of companies to hit up for endorsements
-AKOO (T.I.'s clothing line) just responded to my twitter with a email address
Flipping through back pack designs from Sprayground (we're collabing on a back pack)
On the phone with my nigga Denise (ABZ)
About to hit up Cuba from Fred Segal stores about getting the cologne in there
Just looked up how many states have Time
Smoked 1 joint. About to roll another one.
Downloaded 2 mixtapes (DJ O.P.'s Dipset & G-Unit mixtapes)
I'm busy