Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mogul In The Making: Entry 3

Saturday, December 4th
Just waking up to answer a angry phone call. All my fault tho.

Its raining and I have a lot to do today.

Crazy homeless man ran up on me at the post office. AWKWARD

Just left a meeting. Found a non profit that delivers food to people who are too sick too leave. I'm anxious to help out cuz I wanted to start the same thing in the hood. Time for a food stop. Haven't eat today yet

Arrived in echo park/silverlake. About to smoke and then studio flow

Leaving echo park. Headed to gardena. Gotta see what the final plans are for tomorrow night. We'll figure it out when I get there. Was suppose to be a dinner. Don't look like it tho. Been emailing Rik from 730 Dips (Freekey Zekey's label) and we are going to do a joint mixtape. Dipset West x 730 Dips

Just ran through the my EP from start to finish lyrically and I'm done writing. Time to start recording. Still headed to Gardena. Seen hell cops hemming niggas up on crenshaw and king.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mogul In The Makingl: Entry 2

10:00pm Friday November 19th
Had 3 artist cancel in the last hour for tomorrow's show in Hollywood opening up for Dipset West's Young Hu$tle, Blu Division's Stage and Brick Squad's YG Hootie all label's I'm affiliated with in some way. I make opening acts sale tickets to secure their spot and pay for things like headliners, dj, club, security, etc. When artist pull out last minute it puts me in jeopardy of not being able to pay some one.

Was suppose to head to the studio but I'm too stressed out. My mom isn't helping either with all the shit she's talking. My phone is going to be cut off in a hour so its best to stay in. Started raining too. A reflection of how I feel.

8:33am Saturday November 20th
Leaving moms late. Set my alarm for 6:30 and keep hitting snooze. Very unlike me but I'm in a bad mood. I was doing the math in my head and blackberry all night and I might still be able to pull this show off. I probably won't make any money but everyone else will get paid. If I didn't have headliners flying back to LA for this show then I wouldve cancelled it but its more important for my reputation that a good show goes down and I'm broke then a cancelled show at the last minute. I'm realizing I got too greedy with the ticket prices and made the show a hard sell for the artist

Headed to Echo Park/Silverlake. Checked in with all the artist that are still coming tonight except one who actually has 2 slots for their artist on Towne Records. Them not showing up will fuck everything up for me. I'm honestly hoping a headliner cancels so I can erase that amount off my list for the night (lol'n but DEAD ASS). I'm glad the majority headliners is my niggas and not just cats I paid to come down.

Been so busy I keep forgetting my son's birthday is in 9 days. Gotta walk away from this show with gift money or else. "If I aint got it, somebody getting it"...if you know me then you know how I get down. That line was deeper than rap.

On the bus. My cell is disconnected but the bus has wifi so I can still check my twitter which is great cuz the artist I didn't hear from hit me back on the DM. They are still coming through. Yay! Fuck tho, I was sitting thinking of how to pitch wifi service on the buses to MTA and they got it already it seems. I see the mexicans out here in Mac Arthur park getting they grind on. I need to pitch them some LV/Coach/Chanel knockoffs

Walking down sunset. High as fuck. Been going back and forth with the tattoo artist in whether she can make it to hollywood tonight. I feel not as bad about tonight. The weed and shots are helping. Had to go borrow my older nephew's jordans. Not that I needed them but I'm already out the house and they go with the outfit I have on. Can't show up to my event looking off. Walked passed 5 or 6 film studios and its pretty inspiring. Gotta get back on my movie shit. Catching the bus to a show that everyone else is driving to is not popping.

At the venue. Its tiny but its dope. No stage but cordless mics. More of a MTV Unplugged feel.

Just had to be quick on my feet to solve a sound problem with the mics. Couldve changed the whole dynapic of tonight

Another artist just cancelled. Stomach is starting hurt. Back to feeling worse about tonight.

Going through the motions. Haven't heard from one of the headliners but that's a good thing financially. His last twit post says he's in Kentucky

Putting the 1st artist on soon for a show that was suppose to start at 5 and end at 10. Found out YG Hootie is really in Kentucky and not coming

Show was pushed back and then cut short. No money in my pocket but some good connects and money moves made. Gotta run down the street to a family birthday dinner

Just walking in the house
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