Thursday, May 28, 2009

C. Versy live at The Palmer Room May 12 video

Below of video's of my performance at The Palmer Room in West LA. I did about 15 mins on stage. The lady painting in the back ground is Mary. She works as a band booker and promoter with me. She is painting my logo. Hands down you have to agree that I put on a good show. Not a bunch of niggas on stage. No hype man. The crowd is into it. Not one person walked out while I was on stage. Now if I can just record as good as I perform, I'm in the game lol.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Types of Females

1. Ms. Gold-Digger

a. You have some one to manage your money.
b. She always looks good.
c. She makes your other guys jealous.
d. She makes you look good.

a. When you get broke she'll be gone and take what you have left.
b. She makes sure she has a child by you to sue you for child support.
c. Once your boy comes up she'll be on his arm the next day.

2. Ms. Freak (secret lover)

a. She knows all the right positions.
b. She'll try everything more than once.
c. You're never unsatisfied.
d. She'll do all the things your girl won't do.
e. She doesn't mind being your freak, as long as she catches one too.

a. Eventually, b/c she's a female, she'll end up catching feelings.
b. She starts to act like she's your "main".
c. She fucks wit ya boy and act like you in the wrong for telling her that she's a freak.
d. Eventually her shit gets old. And you need a replacement.

3. Ms. Independent

a. You don't have to worry about buying her anything. She got it.
b. She's intelligent, sassy, confident and determined.
c. She's great for (business) conversation.
d. She keeps it real and has goals.
e. She knows how to please a man.

a. She will continuously let you know, that she can handle it on her own.
b. She will eventually say fuck you and get a dildo.
c. She will consider you another one her play toys, or goals.

4. Ms. Dyme

a. She's top of the line.
b. She stays looking like a fantasy.
c. She has the body of a goddess with the face to match.
d. She considers herself a "model"
e. Gets you on hard whenever you see her.
f. All the girls envy her, but she doesn't care.

a. She's superficial. She cares only about her looks.
b. She honestly lacks confidence and will annoy you about the way she looks.
c. She's probably dumb as hell and if she's not her personality is dry.
d. You have to constantly keep your game up b/c every nigga is gonna try to get her.

5. Ms. Tomboy

a. She's cool and laid back.
b. She'll be willing to play rough with you.
c. Of course, she loves sports.
d. Her body is athletically divine.
e. She's easy to talk to and fun to be around.
f. She's a diamond in the rough.

a. She'll remind you too much of your nigga.
b. She might not want to change her appearance.
c. She might actually beat you in basketball, football and track.

6. Ms. Ghetto

a. She's not afraid of any other female or male. She will fight to keep you.
b. She's down for you. She'll be there to bail you out of jail.
c. She's always stays fresh.
d. She can cook up a storm. She can make the best out of a bad situation.
e. She keeps it real and keeps you satisfied.

a. She doesn't know how to act in public.
b. Your mama can't stand her.
c. You get into with her every other second.
d. She's willing to fight another girl looking at you or her PERIOD.
e. Her weave colors are distracting and her vocabulary is minimal.

7. Ms. Good Girl

a. She's always there for you.
b. She's intelligent, classy, kind, sweet and cool.
c. Your mother loves her.
d. You can see yourself falling in love with her.
e. You are her first everything.
f. She makes you feel like a man.

a. She's an A or B situation either:
b. You're not gonna get any until ya'll are married or
c. She said she's never done - she said she's never tried - she's sitting there telling a muthafukkin' lie.

8. Ms. Main

a. She is the one you respect.
b. She probably may know about the others but might not care.
c. She has all the qualities you want in a female.
d. You've been with her forever.

a. She starts getting very suspicious and calls you every moment.
b. She will devise a plan to catch you in your act and then kick your ass

9. Ms. Psycho

a. She's fun and spontaneous.
b. She's down to earth.
c. She loves you unconditionally.
d. Everything about her is too good to be true. So everyone loves her.
e. She makes you feel loved.

a. Don't you break up with her. She will stalk your ass.
b. She keeps pictures of you everywhere and knows everything about you.
c. She can manipulate the hell out of you.
d. She will consider herself wifey even if she may just be that chick on the side.
e. Fuckin' with her can make your life a living hell.

10. Ms. I have a Man

a. She may have a man but she'll mess with you anyway.
b. She looks good.
c. You have an intense night of passion with her.

a. She'll always come crying to you about the problems with her man.
b. She'll get you caught up and then leave you anyway for her man.
c. If you piss her off she'll get her man to come beat your ass.
d. She'll unofficially make you her man once she gets pissed off at her real man.

11. Ms. Tease

a. She's tempting and a nice piece of eye candy.
b. She's intelligent, athletic, respectable and SEXXXXXXY.
c. She knows how to turn you on without touching you.
d. Everything she does is just so sensual.
e. She can bring you to that point and make you wait to get it.
f. Every time you see her you catch a mini orgasm.
g. Every guy wants her b/c she's so mysterious and that makes you want to get her first.

a. NO matter what you think or do you never get it.
b. She probably has a long distance boyfriend somewhere that you will never know about.
c. She gets you hard and leaves you like that. (Unbearable)


a. She is not sexy, fine, or a dyme she is Beautiful and therefore encompasses all of these descriptions.
b. She is intelligent, sassy, funny, outgoing, determined, strong and classy.
c. She can cook or at least order a meal that is just like your mother's.
d. Her personality is just as beautiful as her body.
e. She believes in God and follows his virtues.
f. She knows that a relationship requires a 200% quota yet she gives her man an extra 10%.
g. She can please her man in anyway. Mentally, Spiritually, and Sexually.
h. She makes you recognize your full potential as a man and completes you.
i. She's always there for, no matter what your dreams are.
j. She's not afraid to tell you the truth and set you straight.
k. You can talk to her and confide in her, she's your best friend.
l. You love being around her more than your boys.
m. You can share your most intimate moments with her without sex.
n. You can have a bad argument with her and have the BEST Mind Numbing and passionate love making fest ever.
o. She's always willing to find a way to work out your problems and will often take most of your shit. But she's also intelligent enough to leave.
p. She's nothing like any other girl you've met. She's your woman.


a. You've probably met her, or had her in your life but got too consumed with all the other types that you let her go

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bus stories #1

If you know me then you know I recently got into an accident and totaled my piece of shit nova. That means I'm back on the bus. As much as I hate it, you see some interesting shit. Case in point, right now I'm on the 757 rapid (I think) and a older white man just got on wearing a females work out fit. Boy shorts and spors bra. He looks like Bono from U2. And with him is a black man in drag. Looks like "I need money" from How High. Got a big old school gucci purse, big feet sticking out in wooden clogs. In the process of me writing this, the white man throws up all over the window. I missed it cuz my headphones are on and I'm looking down at my phone. All I know is the bus just stopped and every1 looks grossed out. I look out the window and see him throwing up again with his man/woman patting his back. I look back to where he was sitting and see the initial throw up.

Now I'm standing outside the bus waiting for the next one.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lost Child Society tatt...phase one

What's good. I just got this tatt a few days ago. It's 1:44am on saturday. I got it around 9:30pm on tuesday. I had a performance at The Palmer Room in west la. Actually, I had the whole event, it was BEST OF THE BEST pt2. I booked a tattoo artist to come to add a different element to the night. I got my 7th tattoo. It says "I.J.M.J.P.A.R." along my collar bone. It's the first initial of my brothers and sisters name from youngest to olders. Ismael, Jahlil, Malika, Jalila, Phoebe, Ashley and me, Randy. Around it I'm going to have Lost Child Society tatted. I did this because we were all spit up at a time when we were all we had. No mom and dad to rely on, just us. I haven't seen of them in over 10 years but thanks to myspace we've been able to kinda keep in touch. Ashley is actually getting married on the 20th of this month and hit me up to give her advice cuz she was nervous. She's good now tho. I got the tattoo to show that they are always with me. I love them to death...even in their absence. Lost Child President to the fullest! Peace

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Charles Hamilton breakdown

I saw this on Charles Hamilton's blog and thought it was useful. Enjoy

first single - the record that defines the mixtape, project, album for the masses

single - a well-selected portion of the mixtape, project and/or album

mixtape - a collection of random musical vents, usually over other people's production (not original)

project - a body of music that requires you to live the music, beginning to end

album - a body of music that captures a segment in time for a cause

anthology - the entire body of an artist's music, presented on a "just 'cause" basis

greatest hits - singles strung together to form a project

Cover art #1

I have a thing for cover art, especially on a mixtape. I go to these mixtape sites and I won't download your shit if the art isn't right. I'm not really sure why. I guess I feel like if you invested money in the cover art then you are serious about rapping. I'm rarely disappointed by a mixtape with good cover art. So I'll start posting cover art that I feel is the shit!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update from the CEO 5/6

What's up? I've been neglecting my blog. I blame twitter. Having twitterberry on my phone doesn't help either lol. But I'm back people Time for an update.

BESTCOASTTV. I give a video update weekly on what I'm up to. Trying to get my face out there. I need better lighting at my desk tho. I'm going to make it big tho so stay tuned. I'm adding performance footage and footage from my radio show.

BEST COAST RADIO. This has been going really well. Better and better every week. I'm about to sit and write up this weeks show. I plan to expand this into a really big platform. I'm so excited to see where this goes man. to hear each episode. Got that smooth Kevin Nash voice going lol. coming soon! I need sponsors dammit lol

I've been back on my music shit. Performing and recording. Finally got in the studio with Stage. He keeps me motivated. He always got something going, I need to be like that. Hopefully get 3 songs this week. Gotta get this mixtape done and out there so I can get shit popping for real. Need that summer tour action lol. I'm back on my shit tho. Blackberry notes section is getting abused.

BEST COAST ENT. I'm on that everyday. I'm in the office 15 hours everyday atleast working on that there. I got non stop events and shows popping off. The website is coming. About to hire a lawyer on retainer to get my paperwork back in order. That identity theft shit fucked my biz up. I had to drop some people, looking to put on more. Half the time I want to do it all myself and half the time I want a strong ass team. We'll see how that goes. Either way, Its going places. I'm taking the BEST OF THE BEST show on the road to San Diego and the bay so I'mma do lots of traveling and networking. I've been heavy on alot of the top websites just getting the name out before I hit em with music

I recently had a bad ass accident. Totaled my nova. Super wack sauce but I soldier on. No slacking on my part. I'm the hardest working man in hip hop, car or no car!

My ear stretches are on point. I'm at a 2G now and I start about a month and a half ago. I'mma go up a couple more sizes probably. More tatts coming as soon as I take care of much needed bills and do more shopping. I like shopping now lol. I got used to being fresh and addicted. Need to get back to working out tho. Startin to get that skinny man gut lol. Arms not as big as they used to be. I'm about to be built for summer tho, watch!

All in all, I'm on top of things. All hail the DOT!