Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A small peek at the BS I deal with on the daily.

This all started with a email I got from his person promising placement on a digital def jam mixtape if I gave them $100. Apparently the %60 proceeds are suppose to be split between me and every other artist on the mixtape.

#1. Its like 20 something artist on a mixtape trynna split %60...the fuck I look like paying you $100 to make pennies?

#2. The artist aren't screened. So any artist with $100 can get on the mixtape. I could be at the end of a 20 song wack artist compilation.

#3. I do these same type of deals for E1 so why would I pay you for something I already got? Just so you can put the def jam logo on the same shit? The days of buying something just cuz it says "def jam" are over. Word to Lil Ru lmao (the def jam artist who sold no more than 1,700 copies his 1st week a year or so ago).

Anyway. Here is the convo we had via gtalk after I asked him in an email "How do I verify this is real? Have you put out any projects like this already?". And yes, he started the conversation off with "lol".

Contro Versy,

--------- lol bro go do your homework call stone star or iceman lol or signed in.

Contro Versy: It was a business question. I get these emails all day from "E1" and "Sony" and "Universal" and ask them all the same thing and they end up being scams. Not say yours is but protocol is protocol. Why are you laughing? Because I asked for proof before I just send out money? I'm not Ice or Stone. I'm the business man. You provided me with a bunch of social networking and blogs turned into sites. Can you provide anything showing a def jam release project like what your talking about in the email and not a just mixtape im not interested in working with u go google me clown call island def jam loser i rem u we did not even no u i worked with stone starr and Dipsetwest bf u were even aroudn homie check urself and do ur homework on myself and the project but for your smart mouth u miss this opporunity fucking moron google elevated scott

Contro Versy: *deep sigh* this is how you handle business? Because I asked for proof? And for your info, I've been around since the day after the press release announcing Dipset West. All you had to do was answer the question instead of acting immature and butt hurt. The reason I'm the one on this gtalk and email is because I handle things like this. I'm sure Iceman and the rest will agree when I forward this to them that we aren't missing anything here. Peace and learn how to come correct at the business man. You'll get further that way. Have pumping that weak excuse for "oppurtinity" and hope you find enough dumb rappers. A year from now let's see whose where you stupid fuck read the attachments you will see what is going on lol go sell drugs u prob beter at that clown ass fagget signed out.

After this I realized this was the same person we fired in 2009 lmao. I think I handled it well. What do you think?
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