Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's Jan 31st. 12:20 AM and I'm sitting here listening to Curren$y's "Jets Fool" mixtape. I became a big fan of him out of nowhere. Thanks in part to his videos on His music is hot. Been listening to alot of artist on the level I'm trying to be at this year. That's the underground artists with mainstream appeal. It's helped me shape myself better because I know what level my shit needs to be at to win people over while still being myself. I have 14 days until the release of my first official mixtape and I haven't started recording yet! Well, one song is done. The rest are written. I might change a couple joints in the next couple days. I'll start recording next week at this super low key spot. I don't like the spot but the guy's letting me do it for free and he has a webcam. I want to Ustream the making of the mixtape. Thought that would be a nice touch.

I've been slacking on working out. I'll get back to that when the sun rises. Wont be a hard routine to get back into. The focus is arms and chest and abs. Think I'mma do a shirtless poster because women don't get mixtapes unless its a nigga they think is sexy lol. How backwards is that?

I was suppose to put this mixtape out last year but put a halt on it when I got my Dipset West position. I'm glad I waited because the songs I would've used then wouldn't be as good as what I have now. This time around I'll be ready. I think it's well rounded. All original beats and better concepts. I still plan to work this like a album. Radio promo, vids, ringtones, tons of shows. First show will be feb 26th in LA. It will serve as the release party.

I'm trynna see if the funds are there to have DJ Ames host the mixtape. I chose him to help me break into that UK market. Travel is important to any artist, especially indie artist like me and the UK hip hop market loves the real US underground that can bring it.

Other than that, life is moving in slow mo. My blackberry is off but should be on in about 10 days. Just in time for the release lol. I'm dropping the mixtape on Valentine's Day because I have love for anyone who takes the time out to listen to me. I haven't finalized my v-day plans yet. I'mma surprise her ass with something tho. Something different.

got my weed recommendation so I can buy medicinal marijuana and it was def worth it. It's a different kind of high. Gonna fully become a weed enthusiast now lol. All kinds of smoking tools and edibles and shit.

Best Coast is slowly coming back. The feb 26th show will be the first BEST OF THE BEST since sept 7th. I'm excited. I'm working with a artist named Anthony Dollar and he's so ready to blow. I really want to see him succeed.

That's it for now. I'm about to roll one up, watch "The Show", write and hit the studio with the set. Peace!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Morning Mansion thoughts

What's good. I'm out in vegas. Just woke up in a mansion. Been here a few days. When ever I'm away from home I wake up wondering where I am but that didn't happen this time. I woke up like "this is they type of life I'm suppose to have". I'm so ready to earn it. Don't want it just handed to me.

This is how you start the new year off. This is more motivation to get up and make moves. I already got motivation at home but this just added fuel to the fire.

The whole trip back I'm working on my plan and getting biz done and getting money. Cuz my ass needs a mansion son lol. Material things aren't everything but once I'm at this level then I know good.

Money is everything cuz without it your girl leaves you, your kids starve, have no roof, no child care so you can work and child services take em away, everything cost.

Anyway, I'm switching subjects so its time to end it.

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