Friday, September 30, 2011

"SCENT OF SUCCESS" Mixtape info

  C. Versy, Dipset West Street Exec and Dipset West Fragrances Vice President checking. The new debut cologne is here. 

 Presidential is the debut fragrance by Dipset West. It's scent blends mandarin, bergamot, vanilla, orange blossom and suede which makes this the perfect cologne for a man in control. This fragrance delivers a unique, masculine and strong personality. 

The mixtape is called "SCENT OF SUCCESS"  because simply if success had a smell, it would smell like Presidential

  Artist get 1 track on the mixtape buy purchasing a bottle of cologne. Bottles are $50 each (100ml). Songs can't be longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The mixtape will be available for free download online. If you would like to shoot a BET/MTV quality music video we can shoot that too. Music videos start at $60 an hour. I shot 2 music videos in 2 hours. If you are too far to pick up a bottle from me personally, I do take online orders (plus shipping & handling). If you want cd's of your own, I will be taking wholesale orders. I'm down to hit the streets and do street promo with the artist featured on the mixtape. Promo materials such as shirts, posters, stickers, etc will also be available through me. Let's make this more than just you paying for a slot on a dj's mixtape that most people won't listen to. Don't be duped by the fake. Make a move that will actually help your career. 

You can check out the catalog of mixtapes I've been apart of at You can email me at for more details or for any questions. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I came up with the promo packages for artist who need that extra push. Stop wasting money on some one claiming to send  your songs to a bunch of people. I do real, in your face marketing. I shoot your music videos, I pass your cd's out in the streets and at your shows, I help build your online persona up. I do it all. Real world results for the low. Contact me if you need any of the following:

-Music Video ($50/hr. BET/MTV quality.)
-Promo material distribution (putting up posters, passing out cd's and flyers)
-Photo shoot ($50 hr)
-Radio/music video promo
-Features (big name features for a low price)
-A&R/Executive produce your project
-Email blast
-DJ marketing (get you on mixtapes, get you mixtape hosting gigs,
-Promoter marketing (get you shows, hosting gigs, appearances)

Hit me up and let's shape something around your budget. I'm in california but I'll travel but it will be included in whatever expenses. No city is too small. You take care of the music and let me handle the rest. Must have studio quality music and radio edits.