Friday, November 27, 2009


What's good? It's been a minute. I've been wild busy. Trynna get my life right. Marketing job is going coo'. Just takes along time to see that first check. And it's guaranteed that your first 2 checks are shitty but my 3rd one is gonna be niiiccee! I work all day tho. From 10ish to 9ish. Mon-sat. So it kinda becomes your life. I might be the only person there with a real family and no car. Makes the shit hard but some one has to do it.

Dipset West is mooovviiinngg! The album came out yesterday and is up for free download on I've been bumping it for about 2 weeks. It's truly one of the best street albums (not mixtape) I've heard. I just blends well from beginning to end. I'm really getting into my position. People are hearing about what we are doing based on the moves I'm making. The CEO said he's proud of me so that's motivation to go harder. It's gonna be alot of things coming with Dipset West if I have any say about it.

Best Coast Ent will be back in Jan. I'm just thinking out events to do. I've done the artist showcase thing to def. I'm not gonna say what type of things I'm planning but they are going to be different. Looking for new artist. As it stands, I have no artist. I'm ready to get back into artist mode. I Just feel real creative these days. I've started memorizing verses on my way home from work. Gonna start doing lil videos of me spitting the verses and youtubing them. Cuz all these lil hip hop shows get you now where really. I plan to get some serious recording done. Especially since I have a steady income. I can spare like 50 a week to knock out a song. I'm looking for male and female rappers. Also looking for male and female singers. Also thinking of trynna start a hip hop band again. Let's see how that goes

Personally I'm in a weird place. All I do is work. And I work quietly. I'm very alone and don't know how to deal with it. I'm not complaining tho. Just kind of a I I was typing this blog entry. I'm good tho. Just need an outlet and getting back to music will do that for me.

I worked out this morning and I feel good that I can say that. I need to hit the gym more. I need to get back to my islam studies too. Super need to get back to that.

Time for me to get ready for work. Imma update this more often. I just read a blog about how you should keep updating your blog lol. So expect one of these a week atleast.