Looking for studio time in a REAL studio then I'm the person to talk to. I graduated as a certified recording engineer in 2005 from the MUSICIANS INSTITUTE in HOLLYWOOD, CA. I am a engineer at PAWN SHOP STUDIOS in VAN NUYS, CA.

At Pawnshop studio, our engineers are experienced in providing the best quality tones possible with either your gear or our in house gear. We have a solid back line featuring DW drum kit, Marshall, Fender and Ampeg Amplifiers. If its either tracking “Live” or doing over dubs we can accommodate any requests you have. Our staff is always focused on getting the best sounds for your song or film project in a professional and timely manner.

Mixing is one of the most important parts of the recording process. Making sure that all your instruments are balanced and create a good vibe for the style of song tracked. If its adding a little EQ to the guitars or slamming the drums with compression. We promise to mix your tracks to a quality that you will be satisfied with.  Here at Pawnshop we offer track editing for a cleaner sound and for the slightly pitchy vocal we can use some vocal tuning if needed.


CAD Maxcon | Apple G5 Intel | Lynx Aurora HD Converters | Digi Design Pro Tools 9 | DW Drum workshop | Zildjian cymbals | Universal Audio | Chandler | Burl Audio | DBX | Shure | AKG | RODE | Octava | AMS | Neumann | Marshall | Mesa Boogie | Conrad | Fender | Les Paul | Taylor Guitars
Heavy Foot Studio Plug-ins List:
Waves SSL 4000’s | Filter Bank EQ’s | Drum agog | Melodyne | Antares Auto tune | BFD | Channel Strip | TLC | Massey | Digi Designs Bundle | Bomb Factory Bundle | DV Tool Kit | Sans Amp | Joe Meek | TL Space Reverb | D – Verb | Vocal Align Pro | Reason | Expand | Boom | Symphonic Orkestra | Hammond B4

-Fast turn around on mixes
-420 friendly
-Top notch recording for bargain bin prices
-Pro Tools certified

$25/hr - vocal recording (2 hour minimum)
$30/hr - bands (2 hour minimum)

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Email or call/text 626 927 7498 for an appointment

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