Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slang Prostitution Tour

Aight, I'm back after a hiatus. Miss me? Been doing my thing tho. Was on a west coast tour with Cappadonna from Wu-Tang. Had too much fun. I was host, tour manager, promoter. Those shows were probably the best I've seen ever. Really inspired me to get on my shit. Seeing Capp, who album aint sell a whole lot but he making a living off of it.

I added tour manager to my resume. Its hard but easy. Its funny because I used to want to be the top selling artist but if I can get a strong core audience that supports whatever I do, I can live. All I really want to do is speak my shit, have enough people love it to live and be considered "that nigga" for a lil bit lol.

Look out for me doing more tours. I want to hook something up for my nigga Stage, help him get his buzz up before his shit drops.

Man, I seen groupie shit first hand on the last show. I watched the baddest chick in the whole club at the last Cappadonna show walk in a long dress fitted dress shirt and panties. Went from being approached by sucka niggas to being scooped up by Killah Priest at the end of the show, hand in hand and shit lmao. Then I heard she was there the night before doing the same shit at another rap show lmao.

Peaca ya'll

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