Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mogul In The Making: Entry 5

Sunday, January 2nd 2011
Going over my mixtapes. Studio session starts in a couple hours. Gotta do 9 songs for "My Fathers Son", 2 collabos, record the interview that will go in between each track and a do 20 something dj drops. I'm excited as FUCK lol. I've never gotten to really be in artist mode and this shit is tiring.

Just arrived at the studio. Bout to roll up. Zig zags, purple kush, banana kush. Yea doe!

1:13pm. Been here about 4 hours. 4 songs in. Recording the hardest song for me to record right now. "Dust In The Wind". Peace pops

Over half way done recording my whole album. Damn yo!

Did 9 songs for my EP, 2 features. About to start doing dj drops. GRINDING!

I actually did 12 songs total. Plus all the drops, I've been standing for 5, 6 hours. Straight rapping. Sore throat now. I gets it in tho!
-Let me be who I am but watch what i do

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mogul In The Making: Entry 4

Wednesday, December 29th
Shower time. Got a meeting Vlado footwear. That's guaranteed paper.

Just left from meeting with the man who does all my paperwork. Just found out he used to manage Aaron Hall. I'm medicated. Took my joint in the shower with me. That smoke was on point. Time to head to the Vlado Footwear offices

Sitting in the new Vlado offices. Thought of some cool ideas on the way here for other stuff. Trynna work out a celeb basketball game with Vlado now tho.

Just left Vlado footwear. Met with Kid Soul. Gonna sit and come up with a shoe to get behind for my EP. I'm at Jack In The Box now. #burgerflow

Smoking more purple kush. Going over shoe designs. Finalizing a decision to come back to Vlado footwear with.

Thursday, December 30th
I'm at the Beverly Center working on a clothing sponsorship deal. Need a shirt to go with the Vlado footwear campaign. I want to make a shirt that says "Lost Child" and donate a percentage of the sales to the national center for missing and exploited children.

Sitting behind a jag for awhile and its really Jones'n me to get money to get one. Just decided to make a "all black everything" dipset west chain. Time to get these shows popping!

Looking into how I can start up my own FM radio station. Looks easy enough. Let's see how expensive it is tho...
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