Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just another night in the studio

So last night I head to the studio after class to meet up with Dipset West artist Rulah Rah. I get to the door and there is a man walking out. I'm thinking to myself "hey, that guy looks like Duke Da God". If you don't know who that is then google him. He"s the A&R for Dipset and just a all around power man on how to get money in this industry. So I brush it off as some one that looks like him and walk in Rulah's studio. When I walk in its a few people there already. I shake hands with everyone and stop at one cat and think to myself "hey, that guy looks like Araabmuzik". If you don't know who that is then damn google him too. He's under Duke Da God productions and produced "Salute" the 1st song of the Dipset reunion. I brush that shit off too. Then he gets up, walks out and returns with a white mpc 2500 and I go "oh shit it is that must've been Duke Da God who walked past me". Then I see Araab's diplomats tatt and that confirms everything just as he turns on the mpc.

Man, that brotha does magic on the mpc. He played some fire ass beats and "salute" but not just like a mp3. He played the beat by hand! Had the walls shaking and niggas going nuts. I can honestly say there wasn't one wack song played. He dipped out to play some beats for Ron Artest and I went home. Just another night in the studio.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back on my blog shit

I feel better already just typing the title. I've missed this shit. I'm back in the blackberry game! Aww-ready *bun b voice*. So be expecting a blog as often as I have a thought and time.

So much has happened this year. Lost my sister right before summer and my dad died aug 28th. Too people I never got to say my good bye to and resolve our personal issues. Its killing me because death is so final and you will never get the chance to fix things again.

Dipset West keeps me so busy. I'm out here shaking hands, kissing babies and pushing mixtapes. The new music never stops.

I'm back on my rap shit. My 1st show in about a yea was sept 10th and I did some new shit that's not even recorded yet. It felt good to get back on that stage at The Airliner. Working on some community events, buzz building ideas and just things to take Best Coast Ent further in the game. I've come a long way since 2006 but not far enough.

I've been pretty broke lately. Shows haven't been going well. I stopped to restructure and now I'm setting up new shit like a web series, a recording studio and a barber/beauty salon. My dad dying really pushed me to get money. Seeing how he ended his life has pushed me back on the grind and focused.

I don't know how to feel. I've been drowning the lost feelings in weed smoke. For awhile it was the only way to get through the day without depressing thoughts. Shout out to my mmj doctor recommendation that let's me smoke legally. Maaaan, been super abusing alcohol and trees since April with the ABUSERZ (ABZ)

I'm trynna get back into working out. I know I said I was gonna do the p90x forever ago but I finally got the videos and work out bar. I did a week of a test work out and the difference is clear. I'm gonna start today!

Working on being a better family man but shit with school and biz, its hard to find the time to do more than I am as a boyfriend and father.

Anyway, that's it for now.
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