Thursday, July 30, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" day 45/44

Yesterday I was too busy to sit down and blog. Another sign that I need to get my blackberry turned back on. Didn't do alot yesterday besides meeting up with artist. I didn't have time to call about the free studio time and didn't have time to call a music video director back. I'll make time for both today. I'm about to jump on craigslist and look for more shows. I have a big show this saturday so after that I'll put money aside to start promo and marketing.

I'm going to get some writing done today. Just put all the instrumentals I want to use in order on iTunes and try to get the lyrics for the mixtape in order since I'm adding new songs.

I need to lock down management. Once the mixtape is done I'll have a listening party before it drops and see what Jazzy D thinks and if he'll take me on as a artist. He manages Stage and I've been to his house to talk to him. He's the man to go to on the west coast.

Haven't heard from my assistant in forever. Both of us are blackberry-less at the moment lol.

I'm about to do a search for open mics as well. Need to be at a couple a week atleast if I have no shows.

Overall I'm bored and that's not good. Means I'm not busy enough. Time to go chance that. Peace

Until next time...
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" Day 46

What's good. 46 more days to go. Can't wait. Not a lot happened today. About to sit and come up with a tentative tracklisting. I need a beat from Amillion in NYC. Imma get that next week. After that, I should be good on beats.

Still putting things together as far as music video ideas and what not. I need more venues and shows to pay for that tho.

Hopefully I can sit down with Devi Dev and get some consulting on the best way to put this out. Yes its a mixtape but I plan to work it like a album.

Im mad I had to miss Stage's video shoot because I don't have a working car. I need to get that worked out before it hurts me in the future.

I got a gym membership with 24 hour fitness through craigslist. 13 bucks a month. Bout to be so "yuff" (insider) lol

Im about to flip through stacks of lyrics and see what sounds good with no beat and find one for it.

I need to get back to studying my 5% lessons. Been super slacking on that. I didn't like what I was seeing in the Nation but the knowledge is still the knowledge. I haven't been living Islam the right way.

Im out. Got work to do. So..
Until next time....
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" day 47

Aight so we have 47 more days until the mixtape drops and I have alot to do but I got alot done today. I found a studio that I can record at and instead of paying, I'll just give him either weed or beer. No telling how much time this gets me but its cheaper than paying by the hour, which I haven't wrapped my mind around doing yet. I've recorded songs for the mixtape in other studios but never got the songs back so I have to do them all over again. I can't fucking wait til people hear what I have going on. If this guy is serious, Imma be the kind of rapper that's always in the studio lol will be up hopefully by tomorrow. I plan to show alot of attention to that. I have 2 shows this week. I'm excited to perform again. Anytime I go a week without a show is too long to me. I'm looking for more shows. Just booked Aug 21st at some Def Jam showcase. I need to get promo shirts made. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Black tee that says "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" in white letters. That will catch some eyes lol. WORD!

I didn't work out today and I feel bad about it so tomorrw I'll make up for it. Looks like I found more venues to throw shows at. In a month or 2, if these Best Coast presents shows go well, I'll be getting another office with some partners.

I'm on the hunt for a internship but I might have found one. I'll let you know by the end of the week. Need to get my behind the scenes money on. And just in general need to get back to the point of being able to run my studio.

I'm looking for more writing gigs. I'm not feeling the magazine I'm at now. They too slow on money and physical issues of the mag. Time to get my screenplays done and shopping around. Time to find a better journalist job. Time to get some writer money.

Tomorrow I'mma go around and try to talk business's into buying radio time this week so I can start BEST COAST RADIO back this friday. Its been like 4 weeks. I miss it lol. And I need money to buy the mp3 players that my mixtape will be sold preloaded in.

One thing about me is I'm not a "rapper" rapper. People don't just know that I rap. I don't go around freestyling. Being a rapper isn't the first thing you notice about me and I have to change that if I want this to really work. Time to start hitting open mics hard. As many a week as possible. I have to brand C. Versy the rapper. I'mma be in your face like 'have you heard my new song yet?" lol. Imma be annoying but likeable. You gonna hear a song here and there from me on other people's mixtapes. Imma push the ringtones and wallpapers heavy when this mixtape drops.

Oh, also i'm trynna find out how to get on SXSW 2010. I have to be apart of that. I need to start going to conferences more and just building with artist, dj's, producers, radio jocks, etc.

I'm still trynna figure out where I'm headed as far as a dj for this mixtape. I don't just want some one to put gun shot sound effects behing my shit. I want a dj that will help promote. That will actually mix every song, bring shit back to the top and all that. Replay a punchline and shit. I need this to stand out from all angles. The cover, the production, lyrics, mixing. You only get one chance to make a first impression and it has to be perfect. That's why I've waiting so long as is already.

Until next time...
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" day 48

What's good? Today is another productive day. I decided that when my mixtape drops, you'll be able to buy it from me in mp3 players pre loaded with my mixtape in it. That will def get some results. Right now its looking like it will just be 2gb ipod shuffles but if it goes well I'll move on to touch screen mp4 and mp5 players.

I found a graphic designer, DJ Nice ( and he gave me a good ass price. I need to find my O.J. Simpson jersey so I can take a pic for the cover. Imma have DJ Nice throw a white bronco in the background lmao.

I've been so busy trynna put this mixtape together to drop on my birthday that I forgot its my birthday the same day lol. My bday plans will coincide with whatever I do to promote this mixtape

I emailed a bunch of companies tonight about being sponsors and buying airtime on my radio show. I know they spend cash because they bought ad space in the magazine i'm a editor for. Hopefully I get some bites because I need marketing dollars and free clothes from some of these people lol

I need to get back up and running. I plan to use that to leak songs and where people can download my mixtape. Its my own social networking site which is really cool and will be great once I get more members.

That's it for now. I have push ups to finish and a new movie idea to write.

Until next time...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" day 49

Aight so today was spent working on the Aug 1st show and I completely forgot I had a show on the 30th of july. So I need to step up promo for that as soon as I find the tickets. I know it involves free food and drinks so that shouldn't be hard lol.

I read a interview on with DJ Muggs that had me thinking. He had a point about free downloads and mixtapes and how there is no money in it and how artist need to put out albums instead. For a second I almost considered just putting out this mixtape and then nothing but albums after but gave that thought up real quick. He doesnt understand because he's a producer. He doesn't get the part about freestyles on mainstream beats or just about not being able to pay for good quality beats and have exclusive rights to them. And I just have too many good mixtape ideas. But I do have actual album ideas I plan to execute too.

Off that, today I hit the hand weights. I feel good about it. Just ready to see work out results. This mac is helping me get things done faster and better. I locked down my own dj so I want to start rehearsing with him soon. My live show is the shit but will be more eye catching with a dj.

Still trying to figure out the tracklisting. It's important that I find a beat for the song "good dad, bad dad'.

I'm going to be shooting some internet commercials for the mixtape soon. I have some really good ideas. This is me thinking outside the box. Raising awareness. Maybe I can get them on air with local television.

Looking for someone that does mixtape covers or just graphic design in general

I'm about to jump off here and go do some more online promo and work out and eat. Need some protein. Need to put some beats on this mac so I can write since I don't have my ipod at the moment.

Until next time...
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" Day 50

Aight, so today finds me working out and grinding. I'm 300 push ups into my work out. I'mma do it til I can't do any more. I do em in sets of 50. I need to do sit ups far more than push ups but I'm stubborn. Sit up results take too long lol.

The rest of today I'll be working on the aug 1st BEST OF THE BEST which will be at The Boulevard Lounge in west hollywood. I have to meet up with artist and get them tickets.

I was listening to a Top Dawg mixtape and a BlackSmith mixtape yesterday and it inspired me to go back and do some more lyrical freestyles for the mixtape. I'm officially a Ab-Soul fan now. I'm about to put pen to pad tonight!...WORD!

I'm about to jump on craigslist and myspace and look for more shows. Need to raise money for radio promo and music videos and posters. Need to raise awareness. Need to add more people on facebook and do some myspace blasting. That honestly does do alot but every little bit helps. I should have a tracklisting done by this weekend.

Until next time...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" Day 51

What's good! The countdown has officially started. My first official mixtape, I GOT THE OJ GLOVES will drop on my birthday sept 4th. Up until then I will be keeping everyone up to date via this blog and twitter. I'll be working out, recording, booking shows, getting posters made, cover art, radio promo, interviews, etc.

I'm still working on the official tracklisting. I want a equal mix of original tracks versus industry tracks. As far as production, Its mostly Yung City Deniro. Also tracks from Meetro from Yacht Club/Blu Division, Blac Heat and some other free joints I've collected from online producers.

I want to shoot a video for a song called "Work" produced by and featuring Blac Heat. That was just something he emailed to me and I wrote a verse to and we got real lyrical on. Also want to push a song called "Where her tattoos at" which I hope to get a verse from Stage(Yacht Club/Blu Division). The song is about guys who think they got they girl on lock down but don't realize she's creeping with me and I can tell you where all her secret tattoos at lol.

The point of this mixtape in general as stated before is to just show how I can kill these rappers lyrically. Im underground that doesnt sound underground lol. This mixtape will have more subject matter than you are used to from artist. More lyrical that you are used to from west coast artist. More truth, less bling. I wanted to show how different can make it if you have equal skills and business mind.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson

If you know me then you know I'm a big MJ fan. The news of his death didn't hit me at first but when it did, it hit kinda hard. I mean, as long as I've been alive there has always been Michael Jackson. Its like a family member dying. It really hit me when they were playing his videos non stop. It was like I heard every song for the first time.

As a kid I look forward to summer for one reason and that was MTV's Michael Jackson week. They played everything-making of thriller, moonwalker, lil kid version of "bad", etc. I didn't go outside for a week

I always knew when he died that people would kill themselves because michael meant that much to people. I never stopped to think how I would feel tho. I'm hurt that I never got to meet him. He was more famous than Jesus because Buddist, Athiest, etc all loved him. He ran with troops from other countries. He probably couldve ended the war we got going on now, real talk

There will never be another MJ because no other artist lives their career like he does. You didn't see him in the grocery store, on twitter, wearing regular clothes. You might go a year or two without seeing Mike.
He only came out when it was time to be Michael Jackson. It must hurt to have to wear a disguise just to sit in a public place.

I plan on getting a MJ sleeve tatt covering great things he did. And imma keep th v necks and fedoras popping lol.

R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson
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