Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mogul In The Making: Entry 7

5:38 a.m. - November 11th. 2014
Laying in bed. I feel restless. Spent a hour or so working on old beats on my macbook and akai mpk49 keyboard and the Ableton program. When I say old, I mean this year last year old. Attempting to build a routine of working on beats so I can get better. I am nowhere near calling myself a producer. Kush in my bong. 

9:30 am
Just got to Starbucks. Took a 2 hour power nap. I had coffee before I left home. I just came here to use their wifi. Any place with a outlet and wifi is a office when you are a entrepreneur. Have to work on all the businesses I'm involved in.

3:30 pm
Just leaving Starbucks. Was updating my website, posting artist ads on Craigslist. Time to head down the street, back to the house so I can take the kids to the park. 

5:24 pm
Leaving the park with the kids. Planned on being here longer but it's cold as fuck today.

November 12th
6 am
Headed to the Los Angeles from Palmdale. I'm in the car but Shenelle is driving. We get up around 4 am, get the kids ready, take them next door to their aunts house. I have to drop 2 kids off at school in L.A.

10:30 am
In Los Angeles, in the Trade Tech area. Just left a dispensary with a smoke lounge. I try to stop in when I'm in LA. It's on my route in and out of LA. I like it because I don't have to smoke on the street, like I usually do and worry about cops pulling up. I'm killing time before a teacher conference in a couple hours.

Sitting on my laptop working with multiple tabs open. My usual. I'm responding to emails and doing research on this weeks sneaker release.

November 13th
4:00 pm
Pregaming before tonight's event with Too $hort in downtown Los Angeles. Rolling up weed, drinking vodka and in my laptop working. Racking up more money through PayPal. 

10:30 pm
Outside of Belasco. It's packed out here. 18 and over night brings all the young dancing kids out. I'm about to head inside. They stop taking promoter tally at 11.

In the club pretty sober. Tried smoking a blunt outside on the patio but security was hating. Wack cuz I've seen plenty of people smoking here. Lately I've been working this club sober. It's a different experience being in the middle of the club STUPID SOBER!

2:30 am
It's crazy outside Belasco right now. Fights popping off. Too $hort tore it down with Extindo Gang. Too $hort brings the ratchets out.

4:00 am
I'm down the street from Belasco. I'm across the street from The Staple Center, where the Lakers play. I'm sitting at Pico Station charging my iPhone and killing time. I'm picking up 2 of my kids around 7 am and have nothing else to do. I didn't drive. Rolling up another blunt.

11 am
Riding around with Randy and Harmony (8 and 4 years old) and the homie Gab (Don Royal) with $2k in my pocket looking for Jordans. I set up a new business for sneakers and 9+ people paid me to pre-order Jordans that just dropped. Having trouble finding certain sizes.

November 15th
12:30 pm
I'm in the ES Audio studio. I'm back to engineering. It's been awhile and I miss it. Working with a gospel choir group that will be on a TV show called "Fix My Choir"

November 29th 
Posted with my son at Denny's getting his free birthday pancakes. Haven't been online in a week. He had a party the day before at Dave and Busters.