Thursday, December 31, 2009


So I'm sitting listening to this Lox mixtape with old and new songs. I started thinking how Sheek got better over the years. I used to hate his verses on any Lox song. Then I started thinking about why is hip hop better now. I think its because the artist now actually get better because they are always putting out mixtapes. Practice only makes perfect. Not saying these artist are perfect. What I'm saying is rappers before would make a album and not put another out for 3 to 5 years. No mixtapes or nothin. Maybe a couple features. They never got better so we got bored with it. They albums after the debut is ass because he stop talking about what he knows and starts talking about the money and what he bought with. The artist now put out music at an alarming rate and each mixtape is Kobe shooting free throws and 3's at home, only making them better. Look at Lil Wayne from "wobbly wobbly" to how he is now. Viral videos and dvd's have helped the game to. People feel more relateable to the artist cuz they see they dvd, behind the scenes footage, twitter, Ustream, SayNow's. We idealize artist now more than ever. We buy whatever they sale and they sale a whole lot lol. Aight, I'm out. Just my high hip hop thoughts.
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Friday, December 25, 2009


So I was recently fired from my marketing day job. Now all I have to focus on is Dipset West. Which is great in my opinion. I'm about to make more money here than that job ever could. You always have to have a plan. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail, get it? Here is my money making plan:

Four shows a month thrown by me
-first of the month rock show
-first of the month ladies hip hop show
-best of the best
-end of the month rock show
-need to make at least $500 from each show

Monthly Dipset mixtape
-$500 to $1000

Radio show
-need $200 a week at least in sponsor money

Promo packages (online, street, etc)
Amount to be determined

BET/MTV quality music videos
-charge $400-$500
-keep $100-$200

Booking shows for bigger named headliners
-500 at least every booking

I've already started putting up ads online. I'm gonna be at every artist showcase I can find selling promo services and mixtape slots.

I'm booking shows for big artist and the deal is they have to take Dipset West with the artist. Put us up in hotels and we are the opening act. I get the price the headliner charges and add 500 to 2000. Depending on how many Dipset West artist are rolling.
You also hire your own local promoters and go half with them.

If you take my plan and it makes you money then you better send me a check lol but so serious. If you follow my shit, you'll make thousands a month in cash or pay-pal.

I've tested all of my plans and got rid of what didn't work in the past. Not saying its fail proof but its easy when you know what you're doing

Fuck anyone who thought I was gonna roll over and be broke. I do have a family to feed and trynna move us all into a downtown loft so money is sooo necessary. Gotta go. Time. Get more money. Peace!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Life I Lead

I'm writing this from my blackberry, its 6 something in the morning. I'm tired and on my way home. I'm running off power naps. Imma be in the house for a couple hours and then head out to do it all again. This is just the life I lead.

People assume the music business is all bitches, bling, big stacks of money and bottle popping. You couldn't be more day consists of emails, phone calls, meetings, studio, building with dj's, online promo and constantly coming up with fresh ideas. I honestly work til I just fall asleep at the computer. Man, I get them super power naps on the couch at the studio lol.

The reason a lot of these artist don't make it is because their mind isn't wired for the music business. They think mixtapes will get them discovered. Couldn't be more wrong. I'm sitting here now thinking about radio promo, ringtones, BET quality music videos, singles, t shirt line, endorsements, touring.

I used to want to be famous. Now I just want to make money. I just want my family to live better than I did. If fame happens then so be it. I would love to just be at home with the misses and kids and just doing the family thing but not gonna happen. Not when there is school fees, bills, rent, new engine needed for the car, clothes, shoes, child support. A nigga got expenses lol.

I don't have time to hang out. I aint seen my friends in years. They know what it is tho. I'm one call away. I missed my daughters 1st birthday and baptism because I had a show. Still super dad tho lol.

But I honestly wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. I love being busy. Means money is coming. I can smell it lol.

I'm off. Gotta long as day ahead of me. Peace ya'll.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009


So people who have actually been around me know that I always have my back pack on. I take it to work, shows, meetings, etc. My whole life is in there. Years worth of rhymes, beat cds I've collected over the years, show mix cds for performances, 3 cell phones I'll never use again, hip hop magazines, my music biz notes and just a lot of junk. That being said, I wanted to talk about baggage. Both physical and emotional.

PHYSICALLY: I used to use my back pack to hide a lot of secrets. Cell phone my girl didn't know about, shit like that. I don't look as professional wheb I'm out in public with it on. Makes my suit look less like a suit...if that makes sense. I look like the epitome of a back pack rapper lol. In high school my bag was so heavy, the nurse said I had "back pack-itis". I'm trynna down size. I took out all the rhymes. No more hidden cell phones. No more magazines. Just work related items. Bout to get a better looking bag too. Like a louie. They have better men designs than gucci. Trynna get on my grown man lol.

EMOTIONAL: I have a lot of emotional baggage...whether I realize it or not. I've been through a lot in my life that I haven't dealt with. Not that I'm avoiding it. I just don't know how. A lot of shit I thought was normal gorwing up I found out isn't. I'm getting better at this daily. I feel lighter after every issue I deal with. We as people carry a lot of baggage and it either 1) Ruins relationships because we unload on the people we love without then asking or 2) Carry it til it kills us internally and we end up no good to anyone anyway. Let that shit go. Stop holding all that shit and letting it weigh you down.

I've officially gotten rid of both kinds of baggage. You see me with my back pack less and less. That brings less emotional baggage cuz I'm not hiding extra cell phones and shit like that from my girl. I feel lighter. There is a lot more you can do when you not carrying a big ass back pack around lol. Still gonna get the louie back pack tho. Gotta be fly wit it. And it will only carry the essentials.

Best way to get rid of emotional/physical baggage is sorting out what you need in your life and leaving behind what you don't. Travel light.
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