Monday, January 4, 2010

Morning Mansion thoughts

What's good. I'm out in vegas. Just woke up in a mansion. Been here a few days. When ever I'm away from home I wake up wondering where I am but that didn't happen this time. I woke up like "this is they type of life I'm suppose to have". I'm so ready to earn it. Don't want it just handed to me.

This is how you start the new year off. This is more motivation to get up and make moves. I already got motivation at home but this just added fuel to the fire.

The whole trip back I'm working on my plan and getting biz done and getting money. Cuz my ass needs a mansion son lol. Material things aren't everything but once I'm at this level then I know good.

Money is everything cuz without it your girl leaves you, your kids starve, have no roof, no child care so you can work and child services take em away, everything cost.

Anyway, I'm switching subjects so its time to end it.

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