Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mini-Mogul Multi-tasking

Sitting here on the lap top.
Signed into Gmail (, twitter (@cdotversy), facebook (BestCoastEnt), oovoo (cdotversy), skype (streetexec), Aim (StreetExec)
Screen is split with 2 Firefox windows. & videos play on one side
-all my social networking, researching, emailing, etc on the other side
Got 2 screen plays pulled up on Microsoft World
Thinking of companies to hit up for endorsements
-AKOO (T.I.'s clothing line) just responded to my twitter with a email address
Flipping through back pack designs from Sprayground (we're collabing on a back pack)
On the phone with my nigga Denise (ABZ)
About to hit up Cuba from Fred Segal stores about getting the cologne in there
Just looked up how many states have Time
Smoked 1 joint. About to roll another one.
Downloaded 2 mixtapes (DJ O.P.'s Dipset & G-Unit mixtapes)
I'm busy

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