Thursday, February 12, 2009


What's good? I have fallen off my blogging game but I'm officially back. I moved all my daily bars to a new blog, Add that and keep up. I felt like it was taking away from my thoughts and opinions getting across. I leave daily bars that pertain to a specific post.

So...what's been new you ask? I've been recording. I'm halfway done with my mixtape, I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES. I know I said the first mixtape would be A MAN APART but the mood of all of these songs just fit better in the IGTOJG's theme. I'll actually be doing the mixing of this one. If you know me then you know I hate mixing my own songs but I need to get back to that aspect since its what I went to college for. Been recording with MADDOX in his studio. Not sure where I'mma mix tho because he doesn't have pro tools.

I'm back performing after not performing since september I think. I'm tearing stages down with my new shit. I finally got that songs I want. The shit that sounds good in a club but isn't a club song. I still do my "back pack emcee" thing. Tracks like "Lo Lo Drop" and "Random" might get me some airplay if I push them right.

I was nominated for a Southern California Music Award in the hip hop category and the nomination party was 2 nights ago. Only the nominees performed. It was Stage, Conflict, F.S., Tha Banditz, Those Chosen and Young Casanova. It was a cool night but Young Casanova kinda throw things off. It was alot of stress for me because I put the whole night together. Young Casanova's DJ had his sound sounding terrible. He had the only actual band of the night and they showed up late and took forever setting up. And there was miscommunication with the tickets. Last time I do some one a favor and put my job on the line. I got BEEENNNNTTTT BAAACCCKKK that night while I was hosting. Shout out to Tanesha, the bartender, she made my French Connection super big on accident. I'mma upload the video of the show ASAP.

Oh, and I saw Stage after a few months and that nigga has gotten big since his gym membership. I'm def getting back on my work out shit. SUPER HARD lol. I don't know what they feeding them Blu Division niggas lmao.

I'm a writer for True Magazine now. Its been around for 10 years but I had never heard of it before I bumped into the owner on the train and we were politicking. My first interview was with Paul Wall and he was super cool. Gained more respect for that man and the way he talks about marriage makes me want to get married soon. I'll upload that when it comes out. My second interview was with a producer named J. Cardim. He's dope. Just put out a project called YOUR FAVORITE RAPPERS FAVORITE PRODUCER. Everyone is on it, Lil Wayne, Red Cafe, The Lox, Cassidy. He on his grind and we had a real good interview. I have to send that end tonight actually. I had to do 2 free interviews before I can get paid so I'm waiting on this next one to roll around cuz I'm ready to get PAID lol. WORD TO SLAV!

I'm sitting here waiting on Drake to upload his mixtape. Its suppose to be up before midnight and its 10:51pm now...tick toc lol.

Overall, I'm back. Pulling no punches and ready to fuck the game up. My CEO game is popping and you better get on board! I'mma be updating all of these blogs on the regular:

And you will def get a project from me about every 3 months. Look out for:

Keep your eyes and ears open for C. Versy and BEST COAST ENT.

"Wait til they get a load of me..."