Monday, March 30, 2009

The Process: Performing

I'm about to lay out how I get ready for a performance so check it it

First thing I do is put the playlist for the performance on my ipod. I run through my set in the shower and on the bus or in my car (depends on what point in my life you caught me in). Back when I was a security guard, I would go through my set over and over while walking around my post. I'm usually still attempting to figure out what order to do the songs in, how its going to look on stage. If its a club performance, I practice the hype songs. If its underground hip hop thing, I pull out the slower "boom boom bap" beats lol. I mentally run through how its going to look on stage. What hand gestures, breaks in the beat, crowd participation, etc. I do this partly to stay on point and partly to save money on renting a rehearsal spot.

After I book the show I start thinking about what I'm going to wear. The on stage persona is super important. I'm always fresh on stage. Shirt matches the hat and shoes. Iron it all myself. Beyond crispy lol.

Appearance is key. If I have enough time before the show, I go hard on my work out routine. If I feel right the night of the show, I take my shirt off. I don't shave til the day of the show and I can't explain why. I just feel super clean after I shave my head and face after not doing it for like a week

I do a lot of online promo for a show. Usually within a 5 mile radius of the venue, don't ask how. Its a secret.

I show up to the venue early but I don't go in. I like to just be in the area 30 mins to a hour before my set. To get parking spot, sell last min tickets, check in and go through my set one more time in my head. I walk in the venue 10 mins before I'm suppose to go on and get a drink. If they giving free drink tickets to the artist, I get a beer. If I'm buying, its french connection. I always save some for when I'm on stage so I can grab a sip between songs. Gets hot on stage under those lights.

Next I step to the back of the stage and just get myself hype like a boxer jumping in his corner. Ready to go in!

Once I start my set, I'm feeding off the crowd. Seeing if they feeling it. I go hard on stag. Get sweaty, take my shirt off. Lost my voice a couple times. Pull a lady on stage for that "Come on and go" song. Give the handshake/hug to guys feeling it in the front of the stage. I've done so many shows that I black out at the beginning of my set and come back to when its over wishing I had more time and more songs lol. My live show is the shit. People love it. I'm a different person on stage. But you'll never know unless you show up....

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