Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm watching footage of shows I've done last year, taking notes on what needs to change. Here are some things that I've learned
-I need to buy my own cordless mics
-I need to not yell on the mic the whole time, I get short of breath at times. Should try rapping closer to my regular voice but still loud
-Need to get a hype man cuz sounds would sound better with some1 hype on the adlibs and to communicate with on stage
-I move my hands alot but not my body enough, gotta get more live on stage
-Need to practice songs more, especially if its been awhile. I miss a word here and there. Get some time in at a rehearsal studio
-More crowd participation
-Get some performance mixes with the Hooks on the beat and adlibs too

I treat this footage like pro teams that watch the last game to see what's wrong and get the team better. I'm still the shit on stage but with these improvements....OH EMM GEE!

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