Thursday, December 31, 2009


So I'm sitting listening to this Lox mixtape with old and new songs. I started thinking how Sheek got better over the years. I used to hate his verses on any Lox song. Then I started thinking about why is hip hop better now. I think its because the artist now actually get better because they are always putting out mixtapes. Practice only makes perfect. Not saying these artist are perfect. What I'm saying is rappers before would make a album and not put another out for 3 to 5 years. No mixtapes or nothin. Maybe a couple features. They never got better so we got bored with it. They albums after the debut is ass because he stop talking about what he knows and starts talking about the money and what he bought with. The artist now put out music at an alarming rate and each mixtape is Kobe shooting free throws and 3's at home, only making them better. Look at Lil Wayne from "wobbly wobbly" to how he is now. Viral videos and dvd's have helped the game to. People feel more relateable to the artist cuz they see they dvd, behind the scenes footage, twitter, Ustream, SayNow's. We idealize artist now more than ever. We buy whatever they sale and they sale a whole lot lol. Aight, I'm out. Just my high hip hop thoughts.
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