Sunday, September 14, 2008


Aight, so its sept 14th. My birthday was on the 4th. I'm 23 bitches! Lol. Shout out to FACE, she made me a homemade birthday card. I keep it in my back pocket at all times.

The actual day was kinda wack. It was a thursday, I got off at 8am that morning, came home and applied for jobs all day til I went to work at 11:30 that night. I had a slice of cake I bought myself tho. It was chocolate. Very delicious lol.

BUT the next night was friday and I had a show at The Airliner. Me, FACE, her sister Tracey and friend Danielle all went down ready to turn it out. I did my thing on stage. It was the first time FACE had see me perform in a year or two so I did the extras. After I was down, we stepped outside to finish our drinks, I bought my first licorice root, and I bought a ring that has the african american flag on it. Then we stepped to the downstairs stage where I beasted the open mic for as long as I felt like and I had some good eats from the kitchen and drank some more. We left and 2 and went home and I passed out. Good night.

Now its time for my resolutions. I do that because your real new year is on your birthday. That's every1's personal new year. So here are my resolutions in no particular order

1.Get Best Coast Ent making more money
2.Get my body more toned and add more muscle
3.Get my mixtape done and out in the streets before winter
4.Get my car fixed...finally
5.Get an apartment
6.Just overall step it up as an artist
7.Get back on my knowledge of self road

That's it for now. I'm working out right now and Best Coast has a rock showcase tonight so I'm already working on my list

PEACE from the quiet guy ya momma told you to look out for


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