Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why I'm probably better than your favorite rapper...

The thing about rappers is they have very big egos. Most songs are about what they got, how tough they are, etc, etc. I do that half of the time too but the other half I give you songs that have a story line, songs that show my vulnerability. Shit with concepts to em. I can do a song and let you know my faults as a man. I can do a song about that runaway kid, that bum and how he got there, that cop whose looked at as a hero but is a wifebeater. If you get a song from me that has 3 verses, guarantee it has a beginning, middle and end. Yes, I have a blinged out watch but I don't rap about the shit all the time. I'm livng check to check and you get that in a lot of my songs. You get struggle, you get good times, you get stories

Another thing is my live show is the shit. I'm not just a nigga on stage rapping. I put a lot into my live shit. I loose my voice sometimes. I participate with the crowd, I make eye contact. I'm a completely different person on stage. I'm loud, I spit my words clear. In person I'm quiet, I mumble and stutter lol. You feel like I'm performing just for you. I do extra shit, like pull a extra mic out my back pocket in the middle of my set for the hook on a song. That shit gets em everytime. Don't let me catch niggas doing my shit lol. I got a dj now so that makes the live shit more special. He can scratch on my hooks, in between songs, sound effects and shit. And I make sure to give him some shine.

Another thing is I'm a one man machine. I send out mass amounts of online shit to let you know what I got going. I make my own ringtones. I walk through the crowd after I'm done and give out my contact info, shake hands, etc. I'm a people person.

Another thing is I'm a fresh dude. I've never dressed "ok" for a show. I'm fresh everytime. I'mma start going harder on the freshness. I was laying off cuz of bills and shit but I'm back on it. The whole fit matches. I put extra shit on that I can take off. Like a jacket or a shirt if I've been working out lol. The hat gets flipped around so many times during my sets. It might get thrown if I'm hype. I work out just to look good on stage lol. That's mainly because most people don't know who I am but they will when I'm done. Gotta compete with these buff ass rappers like LL and 50 and shit lol

I'm also better than most rappers because I know my faults. I'm not a rapper who records a lot. Majority of my shit is just memorized while I'm at my security job. I don't have my recording technique down yet. My delivery is getting better with time. If you think I'm ill now, its nothing compared to where I'm headed. I have dreams of how I'll sound in the future and the shit is tight lol. But what I lack in recording technique, I make up for being a recording engineer. I know how to make a song sound good. Adlibs, doubles, compression, etc. I got that shit locked. A lot of rappers sound like they reading and that's because they are. They reading the lyrics off paper or they phone in the booth and you can tell. Some write the lyrics without a beat and just try to throw it on any beat and you can tell. That's how you get songs about killing on a r&b beat lol. I'm at the point where I cater lyrics to a beat if I didn't write for that beat. I ride a beat well and let the beat let me know what the songs gonna be about

I study these other rappers because at the end of the day, they all competition. I want there fans. I don't copy any1 but I see what there faults are and make sure not to do the same. Like I know not to make a song about how much money I got when the economy sucks. Plus I'm just honest. You can't never pull up one of my songs and say "he ain't do that shit in real life". But in that same sentence, certain things I can't say in songs because my family don't know I did that shit yet lol. If you think you know me from my music, you really don't yet

All in all, I'm a very well rounded emcee. You can't just peg me as a backpack rapper, a mixtape rapper, a commercial rapper because I can do it all. I'm Mos Def with Bow Wow's market appeal but not bow's "skill' or swag at all. I'm me all day. If you come to one of my shows, u see its empty when I start and its packed when I'm finished. I love that shit. The only thing stopping me is myself because I don't have material just out there. That's over. I'm raping every mixtape, every beat, every blank piece of paper. I'm on my shit ladies and gentlemen!


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