Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm in a weird spot. I want to record but have nowhere to record right now. I'm in a bad mood and that's the only thing that will make me feel better. I've been writing concept songs like crazy lately. My new shit is gonna drop jaws!

My living situation is ass. Too many people in one house. I miss living on my own. Half my check goes to rent, half goes to child support. THATS SO ASS! That means I can't put shit away to get my car fixed, get a new car or down payment on my own spot.

I'm back in that real dark spot I don't like. I look mad all the time and nothing seems to be working out for the better. I predict the next few songs will be real dark in mood.

On a lighter note, I've gotten my performance bug back. I'm probably going to hit some open mics the next few nights and see whats popping. I need to get back on the scene, get the name out there.

Time for me to hit the library. I haven't been on my book game like I used to be. Talking with Tranquility got me motivated me to get back in to black history studies. You ever think you're the smartest person you know til you meet some1 that makes you feel dumb? That's the advantage to surrounding yourself with people doing better than you. The artist I'm around rub off on me. Tranquility's knowledge bug rubbed off on me and Stage's new singles got me looking at song marketing differently.

All in all, I feel lost and its something only I can fix. Lets see how this turns out....

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