Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time For Change Has Come!


Yes! We did it people. We finally got Bush out of office. We finally got a black man in office. We finally showed that we have a voice when we come together. We made history and if you didn't vote I hope you feel bad.

Now, its Nov 5th. The day after. I hope black people got up and are going to work. Don't be a nigger and declare this a black holiday and call off. We still got our own job to do. Times are still hard. We are still broke. Lets do what we have to/suppose to do.

C "dot" still working like Bush is in office. In the words of Loaded Lux "All day cake'n, everyday stack'n, what hannin" lol.

If this election has taught us anything, its that anything is possible. You can be anything you want to be in life but you have to have the knowledge of the job and do it better than the next man. As a father, I have to stay on top of my shit otherwise my seeds might fail and I can't let that happen. Its still up to you to make things better for yourself. Let this be an inspiration to us all


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