Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I'm sitting up watching "Britney Spears: For the record" and I'm reflecting over my life (weird...right?) and I'm just overly frustrated for alot of reasons

I'm upset that I can't do anything about my music situation. I can't do shows without a car. Can't get to the studio which means I can't finish my mixtape and give my manager something to manage. I'm too busy trynna go to work and go to interviews for a second job. So now my head is full of ideas that I can't put to a beat or to a pro tools session rather.

I'm also upset because people around me aren't struggling like I am. My son's mom goes to the club every weekend. My daughters mom is buying a new lap child support dollars hard at work. I don't want to see people suffer but shit, I don't want people happy around me either lol. I'd rather just be alone

And in me wanting to be alone, I can't get a moment to myself it seems. Everybody wants to asks whats wrong and I hate that. If you not going to help, why ask?

Having a car will end all my frustrations because then I can get a 2nd job easier, get to the studio and just get away when people get on my nerves. Until I get a car, I'mma channel my rage into working out lol. I'm gonna be so ripped. At this point, I'd cop a bucket just to get away

Time to hit craigslist and see who selling buckets in the recession lol

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