Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Man Apart

Aight, change of plans folks. The mixtape was originally going to be called I Got The O.J. Gloves but not anymore. Its not going to be called A Man Apart like the movie with Vin Diesel. That's how I feel now with so many people from Best Coast gone now. 2 artist, 2 A&R's and my business partner are gone. Time for me to throw the company on my back. Luckily I don't fold under pressure. Its refreshing and makes me nervous at the same time. I'm good tho, I started this by myself and I've only gotten better since then. I've come along way professionally

Anyway, back to the mixtape. I'mma have pieces of the movie between songs that relate to how I'm feeling. There will be no features except my artist but that's limited to 2 songs. I'mma get real personal on this. It won't be as lyrical as "I Got The O.J. Gloves" but will still be better than most mixtapes. The purpose of it is to get shit off my chest. I'm going to also do a dvd to go with it just so people can really get to know me. I know how it is to be a fan of some1's music but you hear them talk and be like "this nigga ignortant". I can speak and I'm funny so you'll enjoy it.

The title is relevant also because I'm always alone. I don't kick it with people mainly because people are stupid. A person is smart but people are stupid. And my son is only 2 so we can't have grown people convo but we talk like he's grown. I tell him everything. I work with like 100 people but I don't talk to em. I don't know anyone's name. I eat lunch alone. I don't say hi or bye or none of that shit. I'm only a people person when I'm in rapper mode. I'm weird like that. I'm real private but I'll get into why on the dvd

In other news, the website will be up in a couple weeks. I'm going back to recording and engineering next weekend. Back to working out. Oh, and I'm growing my hair back. I'm giving the Balmd Menace a rest. New tatts coming soon. I'm out. Peace.

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