Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Life Is Like A Movie: NOTORIOUS (bad boy with a good heart)

I recently did what every rapper should've done and that was sit and watch the Biggie biopic, NOTORIOUS. It was good and I could really relate. Here is why...

His relationship with his mom is like the one I had with mine. He was in the streets but she had no idea. If you ask my mom. I'm just her lil smart ass son. The people who know me know whats. They know what I did to put food on the table, pay rent, bills, clothes on my sons back, etc.

Another factor is we are both rappers of the storytelling variety. There is a beginning, middle and end in my songs. I gets busy when I put pen to pad.

The main comparison tho are the women in his and my life. His first baby momma is like my daughters mom. We dated young, lost touch and had a kid as adults. I get caught up doing this music shit and time flies by between our visits. She'll understand what this is all about when she gets older.

My version of Faith Evans is my first born sons mom. I keep fucking her over and saying sorry and doing it again. In my movie she doesn't sing tho...and she's not light skin lol. My son looks like me in the same way biggie's son looks like him.

My version also has the Lil Kim. The girl from the hood that Biggie relates to. She does music like me. I remember hearing something Lil Kim being pregnant by B.I.G. and losing/aboring the baby. Same deal on my end.

Hopefully my story ends better and history doesn't repeat itself

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