Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update from the CEO 5/6

What's up? I've been neglecting my blog. I blame twitter. Having twitterberry on my phone doesn't help either lol. But I'm back people Time for an update.

BESTCOASTTV. I give a video update weekly on what I'm up to. Trying to get my face out there. I need better lighting at my desk tho. I'm going to make it big tho so stay tuned. I'm adding performance footage and footage from my radio show.

BEST COAST RADIO. This has been going really well. Better and better every week. I'm about to sit and write up this weeks show. I plan to expand this into a really big platform. I'm so excited to see where this goes man. to hear each episode. Got that smooth Kevin Nash voice going lol. coming soon! I need sponsors dammit lol

I've been back on my music shit. Performing and recording. Finally got in the studio with Stage. He keeps me motivated. He always got something going, I need to be like that. Hopefully get 3 songs this week. Gotta get this mixtape done and out there so I can get shit popping for real. Need that summer tour action lol. I'm back on my shit tho. Blackberry notes section is getting abused.

BEST COAST ENT. I'm on that everyday. I'm in the office 15 hours everyday atleast working on that there. I got non stop events and shows popping off. The website is coming. About to hire a lawyer on retainer to get my paperwork back in order. That identity theft shit fucked my biz up. I had to drop some people, looking to put on more. Half the time I want to do it all myself and half the time I want a strong ass team. We'll see how that goes. Either way, Its going places. I'm taking the BEST OF THE BEST show on the road to San Diego and the bay so I'mma do lots of traveling and networking. I've been heavy on alot of the top websites just getting the name out before I hit em with music

I recently had a bad ass accident. Totaled my nova. Super wack sauce but I soldier on. No slacking on my part. I'm the hardest working man in hip hop, car or no car!

My ear stretches are on point. I'm at a 2G now and I start about a month and a half ago. I'mma go up a couple more sizes probably. More tatts coming as soon as I take care of much needed bills and do more shopping. I like shopping now lol. I got used to being fresh and addicted. Need to get back to working out tho. Startin to get that skinny man gut lol. Arms not as big as they used to be. I'm about to be built for summer tho, watch!

All in all, I'm on top of things. All hail the DOT!

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