Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bus stories #1

If you know me then you know I recently got into an accident and totaled my piece of shit nova. That means I'm back on the bus. As much as I hate it, you see some interesting shit. Case in point, right now I'm on the 757 rapid (I think) and a older white man just got on wearing a females work out fit. Boy shorts and spors bra. He looks like Bono from U2. And with him is a black man in drag. Looks like "I need money" from How High. Got a big old school gucci purse, big feet sticking out in wooden clogs. In the process of me writing this, the white man throws up all over the window. I missed it cuz my headphones are on and I'm looking down at my phone. All I know is the bus just stopped and every1 looks grossed out. I look out the window and see him throwing up again with his man/woman patting his back. I look back to where he was sitting and see the initial throw up.

Now I'm standing outside the bus waiting for the next one.

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