Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lost Child Society tatt...phase one

What's good. I just got this tatt a few days ago. It's 1:44am on saturday. I got it around 9:30pm on tuesday. I had a performance at The Palmer Room in west la. Actually, I had the whole event, it was BEST OF THE BEST pt2. I booked a tattoo artist to come to add a different element to the night. I got my 7th tattoo. It says "I.J.M.J.P.A.R." along my collar bone. It's the first initial of my brothers and sisters name from youngest to olders. Ismael, Jahlil, Malika, Jalila, Phoebe, Ashley and me, Randy. Around it I'm going to have Lost Child Society tatted. I did this because we were all spit up at a time when we were all we had. No mom and dad to rely on, just us. I haven't seen of them in over 10 years but thanks to myspace we've been able to kinda keep in touch. Ashley is actually getting married on the 20th of this month and hit me up to give her advice cuz she was nervous. She's good now tho. I got the tattoo to show that they are always with me. I love them to death...even in their absence. Lost Child President to the fullest! Peace

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