Sunday, August 16, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" day 20

What's good? I've been slipping on blogging and being on top of my twitter. I just got a new blackberry curve so I'll be on it more. I felt unorganized as shit when my phone was off lol.

So I can't seem to find my OJ Simpson Buffalo Bills jersey so I might have to buy another one just to do the cover. I'll wear it at shows too tho. Looking for one of these two. I have the blue one somewhere tho

I need to buy some lil ass gloves that won't look gay at the same time lol

I'm going to see what I can do to get Maddox to let me record for free because I've yet to pay for my host DJ Ames and Devi Devi. I pick these 2 host because Ames will help me get my name out in the UK and picked Devi Dev because she's the go to person (not just woman, but person) when it comes to hip hop out here. Everyone knows who she is and what she stands for and I need both of them behind me on my first official mixtape.

I'm constantly changing the tracklisting around. I want to be a equal mix of deep shit and shit you can ride to. I purposely didn't use well known beats because you've already heard a million freestyles on a million mixtapes. I purposely didn't use certain west coast beats because that's just the norm for west coast rappers and I'm not the norm.

I over all feel behind on this mixtape. Just been busy with Best Coast biz that has nothing to do with the mixtape. Gotta keep the company afloat and money going since this is my JOB now.

Working out is going good. I just need to get on a more consistent schedule. 24 Hour Fitness is the shit lol. I be feeling crazy small tho in the weight room with these big ass niggas. I'mma catch up to them tho...WORD!

I'm out tho. Time to get to work. Peace ya'll
Until next time...
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