Thursday, August 6, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" day 30

What's good. I know I've been way M.I.A. and I'll explain why now

Today is thursday, last saturday I had another hip hop show that went bad. The spot had a wack sound system and I ended up running the one decent sounding mic from a guitar amp. Half the artist didn't want to perform and left with there money(understandable) and the others were lack luster in sales or wanted part of their money back(understandable). So at the end of the night I left with no money. Which is wack because I projected to make alot. Enough to do everything I planned to do this month. So since then I've just been going through the whole "maybe this isn't for me" "maybe I need to give it up and get a 9 to 5" thing.

BUT THEN...I hear some bullshit on the radio or a wack music video or see a loser promoter I went to high school with and say "Fuck that, I'm goin IN!". Yesterday I got alot done. I'm doing booking for Colby O' Donis and helping Dipset West find their next artist. I'm back to working out too. I need a work out buddy tho. Some one to push me.

I'll be making more phone calls today. Try to get the ball rolling on recording. I'm working on the tracklisting in order to fit Maddox on there once or twice. 30 days left, I need to get on the ball.

I'm out, money and calls to make. Peace

Until next time...
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