Thursday, July 30, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" day 45/44

Yesterday I was too busy to sit down and blog. Another sign that I need to get my blackberry turned back on. Didn't do alot yesterday besides meeting up with artist. I didn't have time to call about the free studio time and didn't have time to call a music video director back. I'll make time for both today. I'm about to jump on craigslist and look for more shows. I have a big show this saturday so after that I'll put money aside to start promo and marketing.

I'm going to get some writing done today. Just put all the instrumentals I want to use in order on iTunes and try to get the lyrics for the mixtape in order since I'm adding new songs.

I need to lock down management. Once the mixtape is done I'll have a listening party before it drops and see what Jazzy D thinks and if he'll take me on as a artist. He manages Stage and I've been to his house to talk to him. He's the man to go to on the west coast.

Haven't heard from my assistant in forever. Both of us are blackberry-less at the moment lol.

I'm about to do a search for open mics as well. Need to be at a couple a week atleast if I have no shows.

Overall I'm bored and that's not good. Means I'm not busy enough. Time to go chance that. Peace

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