Friday, September 18, 2009

He's baacckk!

Aight, so it's been a minute since the last post. Hours after that last entry I was appointed A&R for Dipset West at the show I threw for them. I had the biggest fucking smile on my face. Iceman said he liked what I setup, how I rolled with all the venue changes and just my overall get down. I was actually going to cancel the show becuase I wasn't going to make money but I didn't for the sole purpose of me meeting Iceman and landing a job. I also had to switch venues at the last minute like a hour before the show was suppose to start. That ruined a business relationship but if I had the show there, I probably wouldn't have gotten the job. So always follow your instincts. If you've known me since high school then you know how big of a dipset fan I am/was. So to get a position on the ground floor of a company/crew I admire was amazing to me. A few days later my position switched to Head of Promotions because they aren't looking for more artist now. I'm going to help the artist they do have get where they need to be. The name allows me to make bigger moves and make money and put my stamp on something that's going to be big. Look out for that Dipset logo everywhere. I want to be to this company what Duke Da God is/was to the original Diplomats.

Still looking for a office. I'm def getting one in October. Need to get back to putting in those 18 hour minimum work days. I got alot done and was making money. It's hard to work at home because you have the option to go to bed or watch tv. Maaannn, when I get my office popped off, its a wrap for anyway in my way.

I'm in the process of getting back to throwing several shows a month. Need to raise funds to file for my LLC. You not a real business if the paperwork isn't right.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to work.


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