Saturday, October 3, 2009


Been M.I.A. lately. Got a new job delivering flowers and it takes up my whole day when I do it. Which is leaving no time for entreprenuer biz. I feel like everyday I lose part of the man I spent all year becoming. I was so business oriented. I had non stop shit popping, had money in my pocket, was dressing better, had a car for a hot sec, always performing, even started back recording and other shit I can't remember right now lol. Oh and a office. Now I'm just work jobs all day. It's very frustrating. I've found that I real problem with authority. It's time to go back to being my own boss. I'm starting a process I'm calling SELF REHAB. Everyday I will update you on my quest to better myself. let's see how that goes!

so far today I've gotten back to as much biz as possible from a computer. Need to get my phone back on and a office. I just was emailed a list of offices available. I'm not gonna look at it til I have money for it tho.

Tonight I'll be up all night going over new shit for Dipset West and writing on some screen plays. and figuring out the rest of my self rehab. I'll update ya'll tomorrow.

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