Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Underground" rapper

For those that don't know, there are typically 2 kind of rappers. Mainstream and underground. I'm classified as an underground rapper. It used to be that you were underground until you got signed or "discovered". Then you were considered mainstream. That's not so much as true anymore

Now if your underground, that means you make underground music or "real hip hop". These are the artist who throw a milion words in a sentence because they think they are suppose to. All of their beats have heavy samples and sound like BOOM BOOM BAP because that's what they think is real. They either dress real regular or in shit most people have never heard of. But it has a lot of colors in or on it..

The mainstream rapper is the artist on a big major label or major indie label. He raps usually about whatevers hot at the time (the newest car, hottest model, new big face on money, swag, etc.). They wear what they think we think is hot. Gucci, sean john, prada, etc. They spend a lot on diamonds, girls, cars, and liquor.

Jay-Z was underground at one point, so was biggie, G. Malone, and any other rapper who hit the small clubs, bars, and open mics to perform. That used to mean you were on your way. Now it means you only do one kind of music. Underground artist now all rap about how the industry is wack, how they better than the top selling rapper, sometimes about how hard life is and weed. They all sound the same cuz they all pick dilla-ish/kanye-sh beats. They can't make a radio hit to save their lives but they got MAD vocab. They rap about peace, politics, and punchlines

I'm not the typical underground artist. Which is why I can't stand most of them. I perform every where because I have no real platform. I run into all the performing undrground artist and I never stay and listen to their set. Because I already know what your gonna rap about. So I don't walk in the spot til 5 mins before I go on stage. That leaves enoug time for a piss and to grab a drink. Then I leave right when I'm done because the guy/girl after me is gonna rap like the guy/girl before me.

I rap about whatever. In my set these days, its a song about my moms on crack, me as a person, a song about me stepping to a girl, rappers trynna be like Pac and Biggie, and some genuine west coast shit called "lo lo drop". Half of those are underground shit, half is possible radio shit. I pick different sound beats. I have a set list of songs for underground spots and I have songs for when I perform at a club. I'm not MC freestyle his ass off but I am MC get busy lol. I'm versatile. I can perform at any venue. These "underground" cats will get booed at some clubs I've torn down. Same thing for some mainstream artist at underground spots.

I say all that to say this: I'M A RAPPERS WORST NIGHTMARE. Because I can do any kind of song. I'm not underground, I'm THE GROUND. When you walk down the street, you see every kind of person. I rap about every kind of thing without contradicting myself like Pac did. I might wear the undeground gear but I do it because its fresh, not cuz I'm suppose to. Therefor I can be marketed in more areas than a Jeezy can or a Talib can. Because I'm all over spectrum instead of being in an industry made box

C. - hype without the hypeman

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