Friday, January 16, 2009

My Daily 16 bars: Day 16

My Daily 16 bars: day 16
When I was 13, I decided to ONE myself//
But I'm only 13, I can't get a gun myself//
Then I thought about slicing my wrist with a blade//
But couldn't cut deep enough, wasn't that brave//
Then I thought about popping mad pills//
But my mom needs her meds, she's ill//
Finally, I got it, the decision is in//
I'mma swallow a box of rat poison//
So here I am, eating defcon and drinking wa-ter//
Figured I'd feel sleepy when its all o-ver//
Its hard to swallow, I start choking//
Somethings wrong, this shit ain't working//
I mean, I feel fine, like it never happened//
Figured I'd be getting ready to see that casket//
Guess I'll go back home and sit down//
And just try to move on with my life now//

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