Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My friday night

I had to talk about this. I don't like white clubs. Reason being, white clubs aren't about having fun. They only let in "pretty people" and nothing is popping unless your gonna buy $400 bottles. Black clubs or just urban clubs in general are about fun in general. I say all this because I was promoting for at a white club friday night and I had no white people on my guestlist. They letting in a gang of white chicks. No white guys unless you got girls with you. No niggas or fat people. I had a couple big people on my list. They came dressed up tho, looking good but kept getting the run around. I'm over it. I'm going back to pumping my own shit because I let people in if they dressed and ready to spend money. I was at the door all night trynna get my people in, ended up sick and didn't go in the club cuz they vibe was off. I'm going hard with the Best Coast events starting in feb. WORD!

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