Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why you can't find mr right

Here's a conclusion I've come to. Girls are always looking for mr right...in most cases. You had that boyfriend when you were 16 who you thought you were gonna marry. Didn't happen, right? Here's why...

A man hits his sexual peak around 18 (I read that somewhere). So all we trynna do from puberty to high school is fuck. If we meet someone before college, it doesn't work because you get to college and its pussy everywhere. So we have time for 2 things, class and fucking.

After 4 years of college, we on the hunt for that job we majored in. We're 21. Once we get it, its gonna take a few years of hard work and brown nosing to get a comfortable lifestyle. At this point, the man is 25 atleast, depending on his major and how much extra years of school he had, he's 32.

A woman is looking for mr right all her life. A man isn't looking for ms right until his life is settled.

Even the average hood nigga wants to fuck around til about the same age as the businessman. The because its nothing but pussy in the hood. Single moms and girls who man is fucking other niggas so you fucking her. But then again, how many girls think there mr right is a hood nigga?

That doesn't mean you can't meet mr right young but chances are, he was mr wrong at the time and you didn't stick it out to see him become a better person. So do you wait for him to mature/change whatever or do you wait til you meet mr right when he's already mature?

A girl will marry a man no matter what shape her life is in. A man won't say I do til everything is right

I don't know, this blog is kinda up in the air. I don't feel like I got my point across lol. Point is (I guess) if you ready to find mr right, find a guy who has his life together. He has nothing to worry about except making you happy.

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