Friday, December 25, 2009


So I was recently fired from my marketing day job. Now all I have to focus on is Dipset West. Which is great in my opinion. I'm about to make more money here than that job ever could. You always have to have a plan. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail, get it? Here is my money making plan:

Four shows a month thrown by me
-first of the month rock show
-first of the month ladies hip hop show
-best of the best
-end of the month rock show
-need to make at least $500 from each show

Monthly Dipset mixtape
-$500 to $1000

Radio show
-need $200 a week at least in sponsor money

Promo packages (online, street, etc)
Amount to be determined

BET/MTV quality music videos
-charge $400-$500
-keep $100-$200

Booking shows for bigger named headliners
-500 at least every booking

I've already started putting up ads online. I'm gonna be at every artist showcase I can find selling promo services and mixtape slots.

I'm booking shows for big artist and the deal is they have to take Dipset West with the artist. Put us up in hotels and we are the opening act. I get the price the headliner charges and add 500 to 2000. Depending on how many Dipset West artist are rolling.
You also hire your own local promoters and go half with them.

If you take my plan and it makes you money then you better send me a check lol but so serious. If you follow my shit, you'll make thousands a month in cash or pay-pal.

I've tested all of my plans and got rid of what didn't work in the past. Not saying its fail proof but its easy when you know what you're doing

Fuck anyone who thought I was gonna roll over and be broke. I do have a family to feed and trynna move us all into a downtown loft so money is sooo necessary. Gotta go. Time. Get more money. Peace!

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NeiManMarCuS9 said...

Wow, didnt know you landed a position with Dipset West welcome to the team. My people just asked me if I knew you.