Monday, December 29, 2008

Reasons men cheat

This will be another long entry lol...

Women say all men cheat and I pretty much believe this to be true and I'm going to explain why.

First let me give some reasons. The number one reason is because women out number men in such big numbers. Its 12 to 1 in some areas. That gives even the ugliest man reason to cheat. Because there will always be a girl out there whose lonely, given up hope and doesn't care if she's the woman on the side. They just want some they can lay with at night because, man or woman, going to sleep alone is wack

2nd reason is boredom. If a man has too much time on his hands, that opens up the window for bad thoughts. Like "I wonder (insert exes name here) is doing" or "I wonder what chicks are online right now". Shit like that. Its nothing that his girl has done wrong, he just was bored and wasn thinking clearly.

Third reason, the girl your in a relationship with changed. Meaning she's not the person you fell in love with. Maybe she gained weight, stopped working so now her hair and clothes ain't fly, lost ambition. By that I mean, she became all about you and forgot about her goals. Ladies, making a man your whole world is a good way to drive him away or get taken advantage of. But back to the who change thing, guys don't want you to change. We want the girl we met with the banging body, good job, goals, had her own friends, etc.

Fourth reason, your girl is just an asshole. You got with her because she was the finest thing in the club but once you started going out you realized she had no class, loud, disrespectful, etc. You don't leave her because she's so fine. She knows she's so she gives you the "take it or leave it" excuse. In those cases, the guy will usually cheat with some1 unattractive but with a whole lot of personality.

The fifth reason, and probably the biggest, is because he can. We only do what women allow. If you let us get away with it once, depending on how fast you fuck us again, we'll do it again. Dick will turn a women's whole mind around. If you let your man fuck too soon after you caught him cheating, it shows that that's all it takes to get back in your good graces.

"Have her call me, I'll tell her the big dick ain't worth all the stress"
-Disappearing Acts

Last reason is simple. You not doing something in the bedroom. Ladies, trust me, if you won't do it, that loney girl will do whatever we ask. Quickest way to get cheated on is saying "I don't give head". I'm not saying do whatever he asks, like 3somes and shit. But don't super limit yourself either.

Myself, I've cheated. Never thought I would but I was "that guy" at one point. I was the awkward kid in school. I didn't really grow into my looks until right after high school graduation. I looked better, dressed better and had everything going for me. Great paying job, my own apartment at 18 and I could fuck...and I was working out lol. I'd get bored and call an ex up or meet some chick online and FACE would always find out. She'd catch me in bed with a chick or find text messages in my phone, she'd cry, I'd say I'm sorry and do it again. I was an asshole. Funny thing, I saw pops do the same thing to mom #3 and said I'd never be "that guy". Atleast now I know how to be a better boyfriend/man/husband but it took hurting people to get to that point.

To sum it all up, there are no good reasons to cheat but there are all reasons. Which reason are you?...


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This is amazing... the way you broke it down. Belongs in a magazine, seriously. :]


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