Friday, December 12, 2008

How a jumpoff becomes a relationship

I figured I'd write this after a conversation I had in the studio. Enjoy. Oh and I'm writing from a guys perspective.

Ok, so it starts out real simple. You call/text this girl up when you want some sex. Nothings wrong with her, its just circumstances keep her from being your girl. Either she has a man, you have a girl, your busy, she's busy, etc. You don't go out unless its to kill time til you can fuck.

Here lies the problem. You as the guy can't give the girl some weak dick cuz word gets out that you can't fuck. So what do you do? You fuck her like she's your girl. Do all the back breaking shit you do to a chick you love. The pro's and con's of that is word gets out that your a great fuck and her homegirls hit you up on some side shit and the con is the jumpoff confuses lust with love. She starts wanting to do shit besides fucking or stuff that doesn't end with you fucking. You don't say anything because you got used to sex on the regular and don't feel like going through the process of breaking in a new chick.

Now months go by, the jumpoff has become your girl and has phased herself into your life. Met your fam on the holidays, met your friends, top 8 in your myspace, number 1 in your fav 5, wack ass pics you took in the mall, tons of non sex nights.

How do you avoid this? There are a few solutions. Dip as soon as she starts not giving up the ass. Or fuck with the purpose of pleasing yourself mostly. Don't set dates. Only meet up if its understood that your fucking and make plans to leave after.

Matter of fact, don't even give up last names, myspaces, home number, etc.

Luckily I'm starting to gain some status and people are starting to know my name and got my ringtones and shit lol that I don't deal with that type of drama anymore. Me and my girl might jump off roleplay tho...that sounds like a idea lol

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