Saturday, December 27, 2008

X-Mas with the "dot"

Aight, so Christmas was a few days ago. Its really all about the kids. No adults got gifts from me. There is a reason for that. In '96 for xmas, I got pencils...and a plastic baseball holder...but no baseballs. You can totally tell my "parents" waiting til the last minute to buy gifts. That's what happens when you spend the shopping money on crack. I forget what my lil brothers and sisters got but it was something you could've gotten at a 24 hour Walgreens.

Anyway, I promised to myself to make my kids xmas better than that. Since I got layed off this month, my money was been slim. Any dollar I've made this last few weeks, I earned doing random things and didn't ask for with no job(hates asking for money). It was christmas eve and I still had no gifts. I got out of a meeting so late that just about every store was closed. I was not going home without a gift lol. I finally found a store that had vicious prices on gifts. I got a ton of toys and some stuff for my son to wear. I don't pay child support for him so I had to get him gifts. I pay alot of child support for my daughter so part of that made her xmas happy. She got alot of shit. She still needs some shoes tho, so today I'mma go get her some. My son needs pants also. A father's work is never done lol.

I didn't want anything this year. Just been putting stuff together for next year. People hate when I get in this mode because they get ignored lol. Oh well. I ate alot on food on xmas. Too much. Then I got high. Too high. Time to get ready for new years...

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