Sunday, December 7, 2008


If you know really know me then you know I have 3 moms. I'm going to attempt to break this down. The order is based on appearance, not by importance

MOM #1: Her name is Sheila. This is my birth mom. For whatever reason, I was given up at a few months old. Born in september and given up around that december. I was given to some one who was a friend of my mom and that person took me to her mom.

MOM #2: Her name is Celia. This is the mom of the person I was originally given to. When she got me, I was dirty. My skin was coming off my body from wearing the same dirty ass diaper and I had no skin on my scalp. She didn't take me to a hospital because child services would take me and apparently I was given up from Sheila because she was on her way to jail and didn't want me to end up with children services. Celia nursed me back to health. At the time she was with a man named Ronald. When they split, he took me with him. I was a couple years old at this point.

MOM #3: Her name is Debra. Ronald got with her after splitting with Celia. They were a couple who were hooked on drugs and had no kids. Ronald had a daughter with another woman, my lil sis Ash, and then they began to have their own kids. 5 of them. In 98, 99 I moved back with Celia because I was on a downward spiral and its been me and Celia (momma san) since.

I was lead to believe Celia was my birth mom til mom #3 told me the truth in 97. Funny thing, I kinda always knew it. I always knew there was a big ass secret everyone was keeping from me. I didn't meet Sheila until 2005 and that's only because FACE looked my fam up online. Shit took 5 mins. Sheila kept in touch with people who knew my whereabouts but she never contacted me. She had my number and everything but never called, wrote a letter, etc. I called and talked my uncle and aunt and eventually a big sis who said they had been looking for me but they didn't know my last name or what city I was in. I found out Sheila was in jail and the following week I caught the train from LA to Salinas, CA. Me and pregnant ass FACE lol. If you've ever see Antwon Fisher movie, it was just like that. I walked in and everyone was there. Cousins, brother, sisters, aunts, uncle, grandma and a bunch of food. Lil brother looks like me. Its weird to see some1 that looks like you so late in life. The next morning me, FACE, my big sis and her husband made the drive to see my mom at the jail. She had no idea I was coming. I just sat down on the other side of the glass. The convo went like this:

ME: Hi mom
SHEILA: Hi...who are you
ME: I'm Randy
SHEILA: What's your name?
ME: Randy Conner
SHEILA: My son Randy?
ME: Yes

At this point, she starts crying and telling the other female inmates who I am. After that visit I went back home and came back when she was released. Actually, it was the day before my birthday. The day before, I met my dad for the first time. He's a truck driver and had just hit cali from mississippi a day before Hurricane Katrina. He looks and walks like me. Me, him and pregnant ass FACE lol drove in his truck trailer from my crib in Glendale, CA back to Salinas and I met his side of the family and we all went to see my mom in a rehab/halfway house. The next day was my birthday. I saw Sheila once then. I never got an explanation for why I was given up and the rest of her kids weren't and why she never hit me up. So until I get that explanation, I won't be calling her.


Debra is the woman I'm talking about in the song "open letter". That song hurts to perform now because i found out she didn't get the point and is back to smoking crack. So expect a part 2 soon. Her 5 kids ended up in a foster home after I moved out in 99. 3 girls, 2 boys. All 3 girls ran away from the home one by one. Deb has made no attempt to get her kids (my lil brothers and sisters) back. So its a big "fuck you" for life. If you haven't heard "open letter" then go check it out. She saw me perform it once and cried. That's why I made the song. Just for her.

So yea, its just me and Celia aka C.C. Baby aka Momma San *asian voice*. She get on my damn nerves but that's my nigga lol. I drop everything when she needs me. She's old and sick and I promised her a castle when I was little so I'm working on it now before she leaves this earth.


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