Saturday, July 25, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" day 49

Aight so today was spent working on the Aug 1st show and I completely forgot I had a show on the 30th of july. So I need to step up promo for that as soon as I find the tickets. I know it involves free food and drinks so that shouldn't be hard lol.

I read a interview on with DJ Muggs that had me thinking. He had a point about free downloads and mixtapes and how there is no money in it and how artist need to put out albums instead. For a second I almost considered just putting out this mixtape and then nothing but albums after but gave that thought up real quick. He doesnt understand because he's a producer. He doesn't get the part about freestyles on mainstream beats or just about not being able to pay for good quality beats and have exclusive rights to them. And I just have too many good mixtape ideas. But I do have actual album ideas I plan to execute too.

Off that, today I hit the hand weights. I feel good about it. Just ready to see work out results. This mac is helping me get things done faster and better. I locked down my own dj so I want to start rehearsing with him soon. My live show is the shit but will be more eye catching with a dj.

Still trying to figure out the tracklisting. It's important that I find a beat for the song "good dad, bad dad'.

I'm going to be shooting some internet commercials for the mixtape soon. I have some really good ideas. This is me thinking outside the box. Raising awareness. Maybe I can get them on air with local television.

Looking for someone that does mixtape covers or just graphic design in general

I'm about to jump off here and go do some more online promo and work out and eat. Need some protein. Need to put some beats on this mac so I can write since I don't have my ipod at the moment.

Until next time...
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