Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" Day 46

What's good. 46 more days to go. Can't wait. Not a lot happened today. About to sit and come up with a tentative tracklisting. I need a beat from Amillion in NYC. Imma get that next week. After that, I should be good on beats.

Still putting things together as far as music video ideas and what not. I need more venues and shows to pay for that tho.

Hopefully I can sit down with Devi Dev and get some consulting on the best way to put this out. Yes its a mixtape but I plan to work it like a album.

Im mad I had to miss Stage's video shoot because I don't have a working car. I need to get that worked out before it hurts me in the future.

I got a gym membership with 24 hour fitness through craigslist. 13 bucks a month. Bout to be so "yuff" (insider) lol

Im about to flip through stacks of lyrics and see what sounds good with no beat and find one for it.

I need to get back to studying my 5% lessons. Been super slacking on that. I didn't like what I was seeing in the Nation but the knowledge is still the knowledge. I haven't been living Islam the right way.

Im out. Got work to do. So..
Until next time....
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