Thursday, July 23, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" Day 51

What's good! The countdown has officially started. My first official mixtape, I GOT THE OJ GLOVES will drop on my birthday sept 4th. Up until then I will be keeping everyone up to date via this blog and twitter. I'll be working out, recording, booking shows, getting posters made, cover art, radio promo, interviews, etc.

I'm still working on the official tracklisting. I want a equal mix of original tracks versus industry tracks. As far as production, Its mostly Yung City Deniro. Also tracks from Meetro from Yacht Club/Blu Division, Blac Heat and some other free joints I've collected from online producers.

I want to shoot a video for a song called "Work" produced by and featuring Blac Heat. That was just something he emailed to me and I wrote a verse to and we got real lyrical on. Also want to push a song called "Where her tattoos at" which I hope to get a verse from Stage(Yacht Club/Blu Division). The song is about guys who think they got they girl on lock down but don't realize she's creeping with me and I can tell you where all her secret tattoos at lol.

The point of this mixtape in general as stated before is to just show how I can kill these rappers lyrically. Im underground that doesnt sound underground lol. This mixtape will have more subject matter than you are used to from artist. More lyrical that you are used to from west coast artist. More truth, less bling. I wanted to show how different can make it if you have equal skills and business mind.


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