Monday, July 27, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" day 47

Aight so we have 47 more days until the mixtape drops and I have alot to do but I got alot done today. I found a studio that I can record at and instead of paying, I'll just give him either weed or beer. No telling how much time this gets me but its cheaper than paying by the hour, which I haven't wrapped my mind around doing yet. I've recorded songs for the mixtape in other studios but never got the songs back so I have to do them all over again. I can't fucking wait til people hear what I have going on. If this guy is serious, Imma be the kind of rapper that's always in the studio lol will be up hopefully by tomorrow. I plan to show alot of attention to that. I have 2 shows this week. I'm excited to perform again. Anytime I go a week without a show is too long to me. I'm looking for more shows. Just booked Aug 21st at some Def Jam showcase. I need to get promo shirts made. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Black tee that says "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" in white letters. That will catch some eyes lol. WORD!

I didn't work out today and I feel bad about it so tomorrw I'll make up for it. Looks like I found more venues to throw shows at. In a month or 2, if these Best Coast presents shows go well, I'll be getting another office with some partners.

I'm on the hunt for a internship but I might have found one. I'll let you know by the end of the week. Need to get my behind the scenes money on. And just in general need to get back to the point of being able to run my studio.

I'm looking for more writing gigs. I'm not feeling the magazine I'm at now. They too slow on money and physical issues of the mag. Time to get my screenplays done and shopping around. Time to find a better journalist job. Time to get some writer money.

Tomorrow I'mma go around and try to talk business's into buying radio time this week so I can start BEST COAST RADIO back this friday. Its been like 4 weeks. I miss it lol. And I need money to buy the mp3 players that my mixtape will be sold preloaded in.

One thing about me is I'm not a "rapper" rapper. People don't just know that I rap. I don't go around freestyling. Being a rapper isn't the first thing you notice about me and I have to change that if I want this to really work. Time to start hitting open mics hard. As many a week as possible. I have to brand C. Versy the rapper. I'mma be in your face like 'have you heard my new song yet?" lol. Imma be annoying but likeable. You gonna hear a song here and there from me on other people's mixtapes. Imma push the ringtones and wallpapers heavy when this mixtape drops.

Oh, also i'm trynna find out how to get on SXSW 2010. I have to be apart of that. I need to start going to conferences more and just building with artist, dj's, producers, radio jocks, etc.

I'm still trynna figure out where I'm headed as far as a dj for this mixtape. I don't just want some one to put gun shot sound effects behing my shit. I want a dj that will help promote. That will actually mix every song, bring shit back to the top and all that. Replay a punchline and shit. I need this to stand out from all angles. The cover, the production, lyrics, mixing. You only get one chance to make a first impression and it has to be perfect. That's why I've waiting so long as is already.

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